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From the beginning of the twentieth century onwards, the world as we know it has undergone several rapid changes, especially when one considers technological advancements. The differences in the lifestyles of people from the early 20th century and the early 21st century are as stark as they have ever been over a 100 year period. This period of intense change is attributed to the development of science and technology at a rapid pace during this time. The same applies to medical health research as well. In the last few decades, medical health research has literally flown forward.

The evidence of this sudden surge in the effectiveness health research can be understood if one checks the changes in life expectancy of human beings from the early 1900s to the early 2000s. Modern medical health research has meant that countless lives have been saved through the application of new and improved medical techniques.

Health research is a career option for many individuals who wish to work with the development of new medications and new treatment techniques. Medical health research professionals usually work in health research labs where new innovations are constantly tested and tweaked until they can be released into the market for public consumption. Medical research is now a billion dollar industry with more and more funds being pumped into research projects.
Medical health research requires a scientific background for students who wish to apply to courses that teach medical health research. The reason for this is that a lot of the work that is done as part of health research is associated with physics, chemistry and biology. Thus, a person without a scientific background and inclination will be unlikely to be successful as a student of medical health research.

The field of medical health research is important for many different functions that are expected of it. Health research is used to develop medications and treatment protocols for new conditions that are discovered from time to time. Epidemic outbreaks of new medical conditions need to be rapidly diagnosed and their treatment should be available quickly so that the medications can be mobilized quickly. This is an aspect of public health research which is an important function of the government. Governments around the world are responsible for the health and wellbeing of their subjects. Public health research is conducted as part of the day to day activity of any government to ensure that there are no outbreaks of medical conditions. Public health research may also work with people who have developed medical problems and with their treatment. Another important aspect of public health research is the dissemination of information to the public. This is an important aspect of the role of public health research. A lack of information during an epidemic is a recipe for trouble which is why this type of research needs to be conducted quickly and effectively.

Another part of the health research industry is the part that develops medications and treatment methods. This is a rather controversial part of the health research industry because of various questions being raised about ethics, both in terms of business methods and in terms of the ethics surrounding the testing of medicines that are being developed. Tests are usually conducted on laboratory animals which has raised several concerns across the world. Medical health research is now becoming increasingly computerized so that the use of laboratory animals can be reduced. However, the practice of testing on laboratory animals continues and remains one of the effective methods of medical health research.

Health research labs often seek volunteer subjects to conduct medical tests on. This happens when the stage of the medical health research is advanced. When a medication has passed earlier rounds of testing, it will be put to test on subjects who are willing to participate in the testing procedure, usually for some sort of fee or benefit. This type of testing can be dangerous. However, there are safeguards and rules that have been put in place to ensure that the risk associated with such a practice is minimized. Individuals who agree to participate in health research tests are usually briefed of the risks associated with the program that they have entered. This type of testing is known as a clinical trial. At this stage, the public health research department of the government is involved in the process of ratification for the medication. Therefore, the testing is conducted under the control of public health officials which makes it safer and more accountable.

Medical health research is a vital industry which drives forward research that will benefit mankind in the future. Many medical conditions that used to claim lives in the past have now been eliminated or have been brought under control. Health research is extremely vital when one considers specific conditions such as HIV-AIDS which, until now, does not have any cure. Cancer is another disease that is under constant health research. Current methods of cancer treatment are not 100% effective and often depend on a lot of factors associated with the timing of the treatment and the prior health of the individual. Therefore, this type of health research continues to take place.

Another aspect of health research is that of research into the mechanical side of health care. This includes research into machinery and technology that are used for the detection and correction of medical conditions. Large corporations across the world produce medical equipments that need to be designed and tested. This type of health research is usually associated with an engineering background but also needs to be associated with the medical side of things as the tests conducted by the machine need to be valid for the medical purposes.

As one can see from above, the field of medical health research is a vast and complicated field. There are many careers that can be pursued in this field by individuals who have a desire to conduct health research and work with the development of new medications, treatment methods and medical equipments.

Submitted on January 16, 2014