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Tobacco Addiction And Ill Effects Of Tobacco

Bille Tuttle was the spitting outfielder for the Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Athletics, and Minnesota Twins. He died of oral cancer at the age of 69.  He would have lived longer had he not chewed tobacco to shorten his life. Chewing tobacco is no means a better way than smoking cigarettes or cigars. Before Tuttle died, he crusaded for the cause of Oral Health America.

The tobacco leaves are twisted while still green and seasoned.  Users cut a piece of the twist and chew it.  The juice is expectorated.  Modern tobacco is sometimes sweetened or spiced with rum.  Whatever they say, chewing tobacco is still the fastest ticket to the grave. The agony of patients with oral cancer cannot be described.

So why chew tobacco? 

Chewing Tobacco Can Cause Cancer


Chewing tobacco can give one throat cancer and mouth cancer. This is also a difficult habit to break. Breaking the habit will require self control and a determination of steel. No amount of horror cancer stories can stop a tobacco chewing nut to leave his destructive habit.

If you are into chewing tobacco, you should be aware of the symptoms lung cancer. Symptoms vary. For lung cancer, there will be loss of weight, shortness of breath, chest pains and expectorated phlegm with blood.   For throat cancer, a croaky voice should alert you. For mouth cancer, there will be white or red patches or an abnormal growth on the tongue.  

There are advance treatments for these cancers. If caught early, the patient may live longer. Medication will help him manage the pain. The common treatment for lung cancer and the throat and mouth cancers are chemotherapy and radiation; or a combination of both which is called chemoradiation. These treatments are expected to kill remaining cancers cells after surgery.

Depending on the general health of the patient, different methods will be applied. Emerging complementary treatments are now being incorporated in the total program treatment of lung cancer. Proper nutrition and a well balanced diet can aid the body in fighting lung cancer. This goes too for mouth and throat cancers.   

Naturopathic medicine is an alternative recourse against lung and mouth cancers. Naturopathic practitioners specialize in natural remedies and therapies. They use botanical cures, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy to build up his resistance against the disease.   

The best way to avoid these dread diseases is to stop chewing tobacco. There is no other sure-fire way to prevent these diseases but breaking the habit.

Submitted on January 16, 2014