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Green Drinks Health, Nutrition Benefits

There are plenty of green drinks available in the market with each one providing nutritional benefits of the green vegetables and plants usually lacking in our diet. Various alkalizing ingredients are present in green drinks, and consuming these healthy green drinks regularly will play a major role in maintaining and creating an alkaline environment in our bodies.

Most people face various lifestyle and health challenges each day. New information is continually being fed into us as to what is unhealthy and what is healthy, while many face problems from life-threatening diseases to obesity. The diet from an alkaline approach provides a basic and simple understanding as to what brings the body to go out of balance. The usual Western diet that is based largely around caffeine, saturated fats, alcohol, sugars, dairy, and meat have created a hostile, acidic environment in our bodies.

The pH level of the internal fluids affects each cell in our body and that over-acidification effect can have great impact on the health of the body. When the acidic effect is chronically over the limit, a very negative environment that has an effect on all the cellular functions from the brain’s neural workings to the heart’s beating is affected. Some of the health benefits of green drinks include helping with digestion, increasing energy, and improving endocrine and cardiovascular health. Green drinks for kids can be very beneficial as it will help improve their immune system and provide the nutrition needed for their growth. Regarding green drinks for pregnant women, studies have shown that consuming green tea is linked with lower levels of folate in pregnant women. Due to the adverse effects of a deficiency of folate on fetal development, like neural tube defects, the intake of these teas during pregnancy should be restricted. It is also suggested by research that trying to counteract the effect of green tea intake by supplementing it with dietary intake of folate or vitamins may not be effective. Using broccoli in your green drinks can help with cancer as it contains a strong anti-cancer ingredient. You can also use it in green drinks to cleanse the blood and boost the immune system. You can check the Internet for more information on green drinks and cancer. Green drinks and diabetes is also considered to go together well. Studies have shown that including green tea in your diet can not only reduce sugar but also inhibit diabetic cataracts. You can use green drinks for alkalizing the body as they contain leafy green vegetables that contain a lot of nutrition and can promote the body’s pH balance. Using green drinks for detox is effective as it contains flavonoids and antioxidants. Both of them have a beneficial effect on the free radicals in the body. The effectiveness of green drinks for losing weight is because it helps alkalize the body’s high water content by means of legumes, green leafy vegetables, and low-sugar fruits. You can check the Internet for more information on green drinks and weight loss. The connection of green drinks and energy is also one of the reasons for its benefits on weight loss. Using green drinks for dieting is useful as it helps improve the metabolism and reduce the fat deposits.

The alkaline green drinks help in alkalizing the body instantly by causing the excess acid brought about by the modern Western diet to be neutralized. You may feel a boost of energy and no urge for sugary-based snacks. Healthy green drinks also help keep illness at bay, reduce infections, and limit the amount of toxins and yeast in the body. There are plenty of recipes you can get on the Internet to make your own homemade green drinks. There are eight essential amino acids contained in green leafy vegetables. To increase the protein content of the green drinks, you could add some sprout. There are many green drinks that taste good that are available commercially. One popular formula was created by Chad Larson to deal with the power of antioxidants of increased vegetable and fruit intake. This formula also contains the botanicals that are important for cell generation, balance and immune system enhancement.

Calories in Green Drinks

Green drinks calories will depend on different preparations. There are, however, some tips you could follow when buying a green drink. You should avoid picking up green drinks that have sugary fruits. There are some manufactures who add sugary fruits to make it taste better. The problem with this is the acidic nature of the sugary fruits. You should only pick up green drinks that have alkaline ingredients. Adding sugary fruits will only make it acidic. You should also refrain from consuming green drinks that contain oranges, grapes, peaches, bananas, and apples.

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea is one of the varieties of tea along with oolong and black tea. Of the three varieties, green tea is well-known for its many health benefits for the entire body. It is usually made from leaves that are unfermented as the concentration of polyphenols is high. Drinking green tea regularly is said to fight against the different kinds of cancer. Green tea helps in inhibiting the multiplication and abnormal growth of the cells in the body. Green tea is also beneficial to the skin and hair.

Making use of green drinks for fasting can be useful as it contains probiotics that balance the digestive tract and eliminate harmful bacteria. It also contains digestive enzymes that absorb nutrients and breakdown food. To follow a green drink fast, you should drink the green powder dissolved in water 3 to 4 times a day and have plenty of water in between. You could also drink herbal decaf teas and vegetable juices that are fresh and pure, if you want. During the fast, you should allow your body to rest. It is fine to go walking. You should also avoid ingesting solid foods and refrain from performing strenuous physical activity.
When it comes to green drinks nutrition, this will depend on the ingredients that are present in the green drink. For commercially available green drinks, you can check the labels to see what are the ingredients in the drink and what are their nutritional values. For homemade green drinks, the nutritional value will again depend on what you choose to put in your drink.

Submitted on January 16, 2014