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Tea Tree Oil

A cup of tea during the day soothes one’s digestive system. With the growing need to maintain good digestive system and healthy eating habits, tea has been a part of the diner table for centuries. Who would have not noticed how Chinese, Japanese and Europeans spend time eating with tea cups on their tables? Traditionally speaking, tea has proven their worth in the households and in the markets. For this reason, many variations of tea have been introduced to the market from just plain tea to diet tea.
In this regard, tea tree Oil is one of the highly regarded teas in the market because of its antiseptic properties.

The tea tree oil is considered one of the herbal teas because of its medical and cosmetic benefits. In order to acquire the best oil out of the plant, a process called steam distillation performed. The Australian natives from the northeastern coasts are experts on this process because the tea tree oil grows within their area. Traditionally, this oil is used for anti-inflammation thus applicable for healing wounds, bruises and burns. The tea tree oil is also a good herbal application for fungal infections treatment because of its antiseptic content.

During herbal or medicinal researches, the tea tree oil is identified to be an effective herbal application for acne skin treatment. The oil is to be applied externally thus, its antiseptic effect can help in the healing process of the skin disorders. Moreover, as an aid in fighting fungal infections, the tea tree oil is also effectively used for vaginal or fungal nail infections. In fact, one of the studies purposely suggests the use of tea tree oil in curing herpes but the latter is still on the process of validating the scientific findings.  

There is nothing wrong in taking tea within the day. In fact, tea is a big help in your digestion system. The effective use and very minimal side-effects of tea prove that it is really beneficial for most people, including children below the age of 18 years. However, similar to other medical products, some of the considerations a persona need to take note of when taking tea tree oil. For one, tea tree oil if used on the infected areas must be applied externally. Remember that if the product is meant for external usage, it must be strictly applied externally to avoid incurring internal reactions that would pose danger on you.  For severe inflammations or skin disorder conditions, it is still best to contact a medical expert for any advises. For those who have tried applying the tea tree oil as fungal infections treatment like for athletes foot cure, take note of the possible skin reactions. Anything that is abnormal must be taken seriously, especially if it is your first time to apply such alternative medication.

Tea tree oil can provide many benefits to the users aside from its medical contributions. With the growing demand to expand the benefits of this herbal plant, personal use products were made such as body gels and extracts and shampoos or hair gels. For personal usage, tea tree oil can be applied similar to how you apply the gels or shampoos. However, for treating wounds or for medical purposes, make sure no tea tree oil component is taken internally.  For wounds, dilute the oil with inactive ingredients prior to its application on the affected areas.

Submitted on September 4, 2008