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Sweet Almond

What makes an almond appealing to eat is its bland taste, the medicinal and dietary contributions. While it is true that sweet almonds’ brown-colored skin are of no use at all, the seeds themselves bring about pleasures in eating with consideration on how healthy it is to consume sweet almonds in cooking or while watching television or killing time. 

Sweet almonds originated and are planted in warm climates particularly in the medieval countries. The popularity of almonds can be traced back during the early Christian era. As a matter of fact, sweet almond are mentioned many times in the books of the Bible. Moreover, this edible seeds are also known for their medical contributions.
Moreover, these nutritious edibles are also one of the main ingredients present in cosmetics, lotions, and dairy products. But what is really in this seeds that make them more that what their name represent?  Identifying the contributions of sweet almonds in a person’s health can spark interesting facts about these edibles. 

First off, sweet almond seeds are considered to be nutritious food despite their sizes. If there is one thing that the famous saying small but incredible applicable, sweet almonds basically contribute more to health more than that person’s knowledge. For one, sweet almonds are great contributor in high cholesterol reduction as long as the consumption is regulated. Scientific studies state that an 18 year old adult can take as much as 100 grams of almonds without an expected side effects related to high cholesterol. On the part of younger children below 18 years old, very little information is available on the possible side effects if sweet almonds are taken more than what is required on their regular diets. For further information about this matter, it is advised that parents contact their family physicians or dieticians for safer intake.

Similar to any other edibles, sweet almonds can illicit chemical contents that may trigger allergies like lips or face swelling, itching of the throat or the oral allergic syndrome. Consider that if you have allergies in peanuts, more likely, you will also incur allergies on other kinds of edible nuts like sweet almond. If you incurred allergies, make sure to contact your physician for advises.

On the other hand, one of the studies conducted in regards to the other contribution of sweet almonds is the creation of ointment specifically made for skin issues. The said ointment is made for radiation therapy skin reactions treatment. Unfortunately, the result of applying the said ointment to the skin did not meet the study’s expectation when applied to the radiation patient’s affected skin.

True enough, sweet almonds can be used in many ways aside from the fact that is edible, a good partner for chocolate bars. No wonder why the leading sweet almond producers like France, Morocco, Spain and Italy are earning extra for cultivating sweet almonds. For household mothers, they can actually bake treats for their children as variations on these edibles. Some of the highly regarded almond recipes are the Almond or Butter cakes. So far so good, sweet almonds can be used for health and cosmetics, no wonder why these small edibles are just too good to be true-good for the health and good for the mouth. Almond oil for hair oil also shows good results
Submitted on January 16, 2014