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Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide is a gas which is created and found in the body and is used for almost all bodily functions. Nitric acid is used by the cells to “communicate” with other cells by transmitting messages between nerve endings. It is one of the most important substances in the body and helps with a variety of problems. These problems include insomnia, injuries, digestion, pain relief, diabetes, lack of energy, weight loss, sexual problems, heart disease, cardiovascular problems, and more.

For the purpose of sports, especially bodybuilding, what’s most important is that it increases the flow of blood in the body.
That is one of the primary reasons why nitric oxide supplements can help athletes, but nitric oxide supplements can help non athletes as well. . The symptoms of nitric oxide deficiency in the body include extreme physical weakness and fatigue, something that many body builders are familiar with. Therefore, a nitric oxide supplement can help many body builders. By increasing blood flow, nitric oxide enables the heart to deliver more nutrients and more oxygen to the muscles, meaning that the muscles become larger and perform better under stress. Further, nitric oxide makes the endocrine system release more of the hormones gonadotropin and adrenaline into the blood stream.

When it comes to nitric oxide bodybuilding supplements, there are many different brands available in the market. It is difficult to say nitric oxide supplement is the best   because it depends on the type of training you are doing, the intensity of training, and your nutrition. Before taking nitric oxide supplements, it is important to research exactly what you are consuming, and nitric oxide supplement reviews can help. Furthermore, only take supplements under the supervision of a doctor or an experienced trainer.

It is important to note that nitric oxide supplement side effects do exist. The common side effects that you may experience initially include nausea and headache, fatigue, extreme weakness and/or diarrhea. Discomfort due to rapid heart rate rise, palpitations, skin irritation, dry mouth, and water retention may also be experienced. In case of over consumption of these supplements, side effects such as breathing problems, wheezing, vomiting, tremors, asthma or hives might occur.  If the body begins to produce too much of nitric oxide, these side effects may feature nonetheless. An extreme overdose can cause blood pressure to drop below safe levels, which is potentially fatal. However, there is very little chance for these side effects to surface if the correct dosage is taken.
Submitted on January 16, 2014