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Hoxsey Formula

Hoxsey formula derives its name from its maker Harry Hoxsey. He used this alternative medicine to purify blood as well as for increasing the metabolic rate. This alternative medicine is not made from one plant or herb, in fact it is a combination of several herbs so that the medicinal qualities of each one of them combine and give profitable results to the body.

Hoxsey formula is said to be highly effective, it is said to balance all chemicals inside our body to give us a healthy and disease free life. This formula is more preventive in nature than therapeutic.
Hoxley formula is said to remove all those chemicals and substances, which might cause illnesses, and therefore prevents us from getting prone or susceptible to illnesses.

Hoxsey formula are topical preparations aimed at providing people with general health and strength, since these are prepared only from plants, this is also considered as an alternative medicine.

Hoxsey formula is said to have been effective for cancer treatment. It is said that there are several patients who have benefited from this formula, even though they went to the Hoxsey clinics in a later stage of cancer. The treatment is often combined with doses of vitamins and other mineral which are useful to maintain rest of the health of a patient.

Though trusted by many, Hoxsey formula has been criticized as being a hoax by the Government and also the practitioners have been harassed. This formula is also known as being non-toxic therefore; it is more effective from the rest. The original Hoxsey formula was made some 100 years back and now is being carried out by the great-grandson by Harry Hoxsey.

The Hoxsey formula is prepared using red and black cloves, licorice root, burdock root, buckthorn bark, sea kelp and more such herbs. The dosage is advised as 2-3 time between meals. However, there are instructions regarding use of this formula on the medicine bottle.

The formula is used for several purposes other than cancer treatment and maintaining general health. This formula is used for getting rid of colds and coughs, as a cure for skin ailments, glandular ailments, arthritis, rheumatism, tuberculosis, bronchitis, and many such illnesses.

Therefore, Hoxsey formula is a cure for a variety of illnesses other than just as a preventive medicine, native American people have been using all herbs in this formula as a cure for several diseases since centuries.

Submitted on January 16, 2014