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Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut, is a powerful tree, the name itself signifies its power. Horse chestnut trees, though a native North American tree is found all over the world and is known by different names everywhere. Horse chestnut trees grow from am mere some inches to 30-40 ft. tall, these trees grow seeds, which are highly toxic in nature. The toxins can be killed after boiling the seeds in water. However, this tress was mainly used for starching uniforms during the World War.

Though eating the seeds is harmful, the seeds have been used for getting relief from several ailments like varicose veins, leg pain etc. The toxin in seeds is used in a constructive way to destroy chronic venous insufficiency and making health normal.

The horse chestnut seeds are advised not to be eaten simply, neither is it advisable to feed animals with these seeds, though animals like deer etc. are resistant to toxins in these seeds, they eat these seeds without processing them. However, horses and humans should not eat the seeds, because of their highly harmful toxins.

Not just eh homeopathy medicines are using horse chestnut as a medicines, Bach flower remedies also includes horse chestnut as one of its medicinal plants.

Horse chestnut nuts are soapy, therefore before these were used to treat diseases like varicose veins, leg pains and chronic venous insufficiency, these were used as soap to wash linens, silk, wool, etc. because when submerged in cold water, the nuts give out soapy feeling and the water turns white, which was supposed to be ideal for washing.

The horse chestnut trees are also cultivated for their white flowers, the trees themselves are in danger of being infested by moths which are roaming worldwide, and however, the travel of these moths is slow. Horse chestnut tree is strong therefore it takes time for moths to have any real effect on them.

Other than the medicinal purposes, horse chestnut nuts were used by boys to play and hit each other with the nuts. Horse chestnut trees were also used to serve as beer coolers in some of the northern countries, though this might not be necessary now, the trees are being used for their shade in summer.

So though highly toxic the horse chestnut nuts give us a lot of help with health and other reasons. And you can use the tree for several other purposes other than using its flowers and seeds, its shade in summer will help cool anyone.

Submitted on January 16, 2014