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Cranberry juice for incontinent person:

Could drinking cranberry juice cocktail cause skin breakdown on the diaper area of an incontinent person?

Cranberry juice has multiple health benefits for the body. Cranberries are rich in phytochemicals and polyphenol antioxidants - both of these have a protective effect against disorders of immune and cardiovascular system and cancer. Cranberry juice is also studied for the benefits of preventing urinary tract infections that are common in women. An unsweetened cranberry juice will also have a protective effect against dental plaques and gum abscesses. The quinic acid present in cranberry juice is also believed to have a protective effect against formation of kidney stones.

Drinking cranberry juice can rarely cause any side effects like skin breakdown in an incontinent person. A fragile skin is more prone to breakdown around the diaper region than a healthy skin. This is commonly due to immobility, some other skin conditions and in your case incontinence.

Using diapers is a common solution for an incontinent person to prevent soiling of beddings and clothes; however they tend to keep the stool contents or urine contents in constant contact with the skin which is the main cause for skin damage. Special care should be taken in terms of keeping the skin dry and clean, to prevent skin breakdown. After each incontinent occur the skin and the perinea area should be cleaned and dried promptly. However frequent cleaning and washing can irritate and dry the skin thus applying moisturizer to the skin is very important. Moisturizing products that contain alcohol should be avoided as they can further irritate the skin and cause breakdown. Several skin products and cleansers are available in the market which helps to clean and deodorize the skin without causing much dryness and irritation. Disposable wet wipes and foams are often a good choice. Read the instructions on these products carefully as many of the products don't require rinsing after incontinence.  If you have any allergy to some ingredients then select the products carefully. A skin sealant or a moisture barrier can be considered if there is constant exposure to urine or stools. Using these products does not eradicate the need to maintain appropriate hygiene, cleaning and moisturizing the skin after each inconsistent. Maintaining proper hygiene is very important to prevent skin breakdown or other infections. People suffering from inconsistent are at high risk for developing yeast infection. In such cases the skin may feel raw and itchy. If you feel any of the symptoms of yeast infection along with skin breakdown then consult a specialist for appropriate treatment.

Submitted on January 16, 2014