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Cloves or Eugenia caryophyllata, are pink flowers, when fresh and on drying, they turn to a rust-brown color. Cloves are often used to enhance the flavor of foods, especially red meat, wild pig and hare, in the form of powder or decoction. They are used in curry powders and pickling spices. Clove and its oil is utilized in febrile conditions, in fever reduction or body temperature regulation is common, though reliable information is unavailable.

Sucking two cloves without masticating them helps to restrain from drinking. Cloves prove beneficial in treating hernia, diarrhea, fungal infections, indigestion, and ringworm and are effective anesthetic and antiseptic agents.
Cloves are helpful against respiratory, gouty and digestive ailments. It is added to bitter herbal medicines to increase palatability. The bacteriostatic action is attributed to the presence of eugenol, thereby retaining freshness of foods and in wound healing by killing staphylococcal bacteria and a particular strain of pseudomonas-organisms that can cause skin infections.  

Cloves for digestive complaints and its oil for toothache is a common grandma’s remedy and the chemical constituents contributing for the same are caryophyllene, eugenol, and tannins. They aid the rapid healing of vomiting, flatulence, and stomach ulcers, and stimulate the digestive system by improving the sluggish circulation and metabolism. Utilization of clove as a poultice on the area of pain or inflammation and muscular cramps is beneficial.

The sweet taste and lingering fragrance of clove oil increases its usage as a mouthwash. It also proves beneficial as a temporary remedy for toothache. Diarrhea, caused by impure water is a typical sign of bacterial infection, which is fought by clove.3-5 drops of clove sautéed sesame oil, is used to relieve earaches. Salt crystal and clove paste, made in milk is helpful against headaches, as salt removes the excessive fluid and reduces tension. A clove pod, rubbed in water and applied over sty is effective in its healing.

Cigarettes made with a blend of cloves, tobacco, and flavoring substances are referred to as Clove cigarettes. The plasma nicotine and carbon monoxide levels of clove cigarette smokers were similar to that of ordinary smokers. The former causes throat numbness in smokers, which is attributed to the eugenol in clove. Individuals suffering from respiratory disorders are required to take precautionary measures while smoking clove cigarettes. It diminishes the gag reflex in smokers, thereby resulting in aspiration pneumonitis. Research is incomplete regarding the bleeding caused as a result of smoking clove cigarettes and the presence of fiberglass in the same.

Submitted on January 16, 2014