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Chromium Supplements

Chromium is found to be one of the essential nutrients that are needed for fat metabolism and also for normal sugar. This chromium is present through out the human body but has the highest presence in the human body’s spleen, kidneys, liver and bones. Even though one can say that chromium is only needed in small quantities by the human body, the modern diets are insufficient in providing the human body with the quantity of chromium that is needed. Most people are hyperglycemic, diabetic or pre- hyperglycemic. Chromium is mainly needed by the body to help in providing energy and in helping to maintain one’s blood sugar at stable levels.
When working in conjunction with other substances, chromium helps in controlling the insulin. It also helps to control certain other enzymes. It also works along with Glucose Tolerance Factor. It is also found to help in stabilizing one’s cholesterol levels present in blood.

A person’s natural levels of chromium will reduce along with their age. Similarly the action of the Glucose Tolerance Factor will also lessen. When there is a deficiency or a shortage in the chromium levels, it can lead to feelings of anxiety, fatigue and also glucose intolerance in people. This is particularly so in the case of these individuals who are suffering from diabetes.

The chromium deficiency can also cause an inadequate metabolism in the amino acids and can also cause a rise in arteriosclerosis. The actual dosage of chromium that is recommended is about 120 micrograms in a day. This is found to be the minimum amount of dosage that is required. It is necessary to have this quantity to help in preventing various deficiency related problems.  Over dose of chromium can lead to a toxicity problem. One of the problems associated with an increased level of chromium is dermatitis. At times some people are found to suffer from some gastrointestinal ulcers too. The other problems can be kidney damage and also liver damage. For those who are diabetic a chromium supplement can lead to a decrease or a fall in the blood sugar levels. At times some of the people have noticed a feeling of light headedness and also a skin rash occurring. Chromium can be found in whole grains, beef, eggs, molasses and also in brewer’s yeast. Thus one should check with a medical practitioner or a doctor on what the ideal quantity of consumption should be and what top do in case of an overdose.
Submitted on March 22, 2011