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Diet Tips and Tricks 

Balance is the keyword while talking about diet and intake. Following a healthy diet helps in healthy living. It is more than the concept of dieting. Diet tips and tricks helps in curbing the problem.

Diet food tips are as follows:

  • Shopping after meals, decreases impulsive purchase of unwanted foodstuff.
  • About eight to ten glasses of water is helpful.
  • Avoid eating out. Small servings prove effective, especially while dining out. Choose smaller plates and avoid fatty and high calorie desserts.
  • Include low calorie foods.
  • Patience and perseverance is essential. When it has taken a lot of time to gain the excess weight, a considerable amount of time is required on losing the same.

Few of the diet tips and tricks are listed below:

  • Drink a glass of water, prior to every meal. Thirst is sometimes, mistaken for hunger. A glass of water helps in identifying the same. It also helps in decreasing your intake.
  • A photo of yourself, with the help of technology helps in reminding you, how you can look when you are slimmer so this motivates you to lose weight.
  • You can encourage yourself to participate in a pageant.
  • If you opt for a high calorie snack, work for it. Clean the bathroom or the sinks, prior to consumption.
  • A tan falsely depicts you to be slightly thinner.
  • Sugarless chewing gum helps in curbing your binge eating, during the process of cooking.
  • Brushing and flossing your teeth, when you feel hungry, decreases the appetite temporarily.
  • Involve a blue colored background, as the color psychologically puts down your appetite. Avoid orange, yellow or red backgrounds, as these bright colors increase the intake.
  • Sudden craving for food is decreased by a bath. Sit in a Jacuzzi and enjoy your bath to temporarily postpone your appetite.
  • Make your sandwiches bigger, by adding a lot of vegetables, such as tomatoes, sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, peppers and so on. Though the calories are slightly increased, the fat levels fail to rise.

Raw food diet tips involve the intake of raw fruits and fresh vegetables. It proves beneficial, as they help in preventing many complications, such as diabetes, migraines, cancer, skin diseases and asthma. A lot of emotional concentration is necessary to overcome the pangs of processed and junk foods. Shedding the extra kilos is easier and faster. Eating can kill you? Yes, keep repeating this to remind you the hazards of overeating. Remember the old adage Eat to live; Do not live to eat!

Is Olive Oil Good For Growing Children?

Constipation is a problem that is faced by both children and adults but it can be extremely painful for young children. There are many home remedies that one can use to treat constipation in children and one of them is olive oil. Olive oil for children’s constipation is recommended as it helps to soften the feces. You can give your child about ½ a teaspoonful of olive oil, but do check with your pediatrician before doing so.   Olive oil for children’s constipation also helps as it has no side effects and helps to relieve the pain children suffer from due to constipation.  Olive oil for children is good as massage oil as well. 
Submitted on February 24, 2009