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Walking And Effective Weight Loss Tips

Walking fortunately is one of the only exercises that majority of the people continue on a regular basis, because its a stress-free, fun-filled activity that we can do anyplace, anywhere, anytime.
Some tips to make your walking program interesting –
  1. Firstly, consult your physician before you start any exercise plan, even as moderate as walking.
  2. Give your body ample time to adapt to regular walking program, whether its weight control or physical fitness. And do not expect immediate results.
  3. Make your walking program more flexible, adaptable and convenient to when and where you walk, so that you can continue it regularly.
  4. Bring about variations in your walking schedules by rotating walking in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  5. Walk in different directions and change your walking route every week or two. Observe, feel, smell and hear the sounds on the new routes. You may love the route that is less traveled.
  6. Record the time and location of your walk, approximately how far and how long did you walk and your impressions about the area.
  7. Every week record your weight to see if you have lost weight as expected or if you have maintained the same weight. Walkers who are interested in maintaining their present weight can have a bonus snack everyday without gaining weight.
  8. If you want to enjoy the surroundings during walks then walk alone.
    For people who love company walking can be an exercise as well as a social activity. Walking is probably one of the exercises that allows’ you to talk as you walk. Walking especially with someone you love can add to enjoyment.
  9. Some people love to walk their dogs, and there are some who don’t. And for the second category Pedometers are available that keep track of miles that they have walked. Walking sticks are also available that helps you climb hills if you are hiking, and also acts as a weapon.
  10. A Walk break clears the mind and puts energy back into your body and is beneficial. Whereas a coffee break that contains caffeine and sugar causes an increase in insulin and a drop in blood sugar, so you come back light-headed, hungry and fatigued.
  11. Even moderate exercise like walking can become tiring sometimes. Take a few days break and return to your walking program with renewed interest and enthusiasm. An occasional break will not cause weight gain.
  12. Whenever you are injured or ill the body needs time to heal, so take a break. Otherwise it may affect adversely. For example a strained muscle can lead to fracture.
  13. If you have been loyal to your walking program treat yourself with a new dress, a movie, a ball game etc.
Submitted on January 28, 2009