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Ultimate Diet Food

Many people who think they are hungry are actually dehydrated. Our body loses water all the time due to its metabolic processes. Thereby we need a constant supply of water whether we are active or sedentary.

Drinking water fuels the body’s energy level and water is the ultimate diet food as it satisfies our hunger quickly and contains no calories. Before you eat a meal always drink a glass of water as it satisfies your appetite and prevents you from eating excess calories.

You should drink water ½ your body weight in ounces daily, which is required for daily normal hydration. For example if you weigh 140 pounds you should drink 70 ounces of water.

And when you are exercising drink 1- ½ cups of water 30 minutes before exercising. Bottled water is the best source. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Soups, vegetables, yogurt and juices also contribute towards daily water requirements.

The Ultimate Diet:

The term ‘the ultimate diet’ has been used as a marketing gimmick by proponents of many different diet programs. The term ultimate diet has also been used in a series of books and publications that claim to provide a cyclical diet program to achieve a lean body shape and reduce unnecessary body fat and mass.

The drink water diet or drinking water diet is a diet that is based on cold drinking water. The argument is that cold water consumption is enough to provide the basis for a weight loss diet. The drinking water diet is claimed to allow the individual to eat whatever he or she wants and still achieve weight loss. The logic behind the drink water diet is that the excessively cold water tends to create a temperature imbalance in the body. The human body is designed to run optimally at around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When the water consumed by an individual is very cold, it causes the insides of the body to be cold temporarily. This means that the body needs to speed up its metabolism in order to create heat which will be used to bring the body temperature back up to normal. This process burns calories.

Another theory associated with the drinking water diet is the fact that the kidneys have to filter more fluids out as the individual is consuming plenty of water. This makes the kidneys perform more efficiently and can help the body rid itself of toxins that are accumulated. Finally, the consumption of water tends to make the stomach full. This fullness is temporary and gradually passes as the fluid is absorbed by the body. However, this may make an individual feel full and may help to avoid the consumption of food instead. This reduces the calorie intake and can help with weight loss.

The drinking water diet has some pros and cons. The most important advantage of this diet is the ability of an individual to have access to this diet easily. Cold drinking water is usually easy to access and this makes the diet quite universal.

Unfortunately, there is no recommendation related to physical activity in this diet. Physical activity can help burn calories and this is completely ignored in the drinking water diet. The diet also requires an individual to have regular access to a toilet as urination frequency will be markedly increased because of the increased water consumption.

Submitted on January 16, 2014