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Skipping Rope for Weight Loss

Rope skipping health benefits are many. It helps to reduce weight and has no side effects like loosing breast. Rope skipping is helpful, as it helps in weight loss. It is one of the cardiovascular exercises that are recommended. It helps in the trimming of the back, hips, and thighs.
It aids in the fitness and overall health of the lung and heart. It also helps in the coordination and flexibility of the muscles. It is less hard on the bones and the muscles and is much better in comparison to running and jogging. It does not affect the breast size in any way. Rope skipping helps in burning about 70 to 110 calories for an exercise session of ten minutes. Moderate exercise for ten minutes expends 70 calories. About 1300 calories are expended in an hour long skipping exercise. Rope skipping should begin for twenty to thirty seconds, in the initial stages. Repeat the same for ten minutes. Abrupt performances result in injury to the leg muscles. Hold the rope in a proper manner. Hold the handles with both the hands, with the rope touching the ground. Rotate the rope and allow it to reach the ground. Jump immediately, about an inch above the ground. This is enough to have minimum impact and pressure on the ankles and knees.

Use of skipping rope requires a bigger area or workout space. Skipping ropes are cost effective. They can be stored in an easy and compact manner, when not in use. At the same it is a strenuous workout, which requires a lot of stamina. Concrete floors are harmful for skipping. Avoid jumping on hard surfaces, as it hurts. Keep a cushion underneath or jump on soft surfaces, such as carpet or mattress. It is beneficial, when done for about twenty minutes, about five times a year. It is equivalent to cycling at 12 miles per hour and running at six miles per hour. A well suited foot wear is important while skipping the rope. A good rope makes a lot of difference to your exercise session. Pull out the sides and stand on the middle of the rope. The ends should come till the armpit. Ropes that extend above this region needs to be cut short.

Variations while jumping the rope helps in breaking the monotony. Check out the following:
Skip jump is alternating both the legs and hopping on one foot, while kicking the other. Jack jump involves jumping with legs apart and landing back together. Hop jump is hopping on one leg followed by the other. Jog jump is the technique of jogging with both the feet, while jumping the rope.


Submitted on January 16, 2014