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Stretching increases flow of blood

Stretching has calming effect on the Central Nervous System and produces best results when combined with slow, deep breaths. It improves the flexibility of the muscles, tendons and joints and makes the body less prone to injury, stretching increases the flow of blood to the stretched muscle and helps promote bone growth.

Stretching one muscle group at a time slowly is beneficial. For example stretch both the arms in front of you and maintain that position for 30secs. Then repeat the extension of both arms to your sides for 30secs. Then slowly let them down and relax for 30secs.
Repeat this motion with your arms above your head, and then clasp your hands at the back of your head with bent elbows (as if you are stretching out of bed).

During each of these exercises, gently stretch the arms by actually pulling or pushing them away from the body, and then pulling them back towards the body. If your muscles are overstretched it hurts. So, go on easy next time. You can repeat the procedure with your neck muscles. Firstly look up for 30secs, then return to normal position, then look left for 30secs and then right, and then finally look down with your chin resting on the chest and return back to normal position.

You can also stretch your leg muscles and ligaments by sitting in a chair. First stretch one leg at a time in front of you for 30secs, followed by relaxation, then bend the knee and maintain that position for 30secs, relax and place the foot back on the floor. Repeat the same procedure with the other leg. Stretching can also be done by interlacing fingers in front of the body, above your head or behind your back.
Submitted on January 16, 2014