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Oats For Weight Loss

Oats are basically a species of cereal that are mostly cultivated for their seed. Oats are consumed by humans in the form of rolled oats or oatmeal and are also commonly used as feed for livestock.

There are various types of oatmeal that are suitable for consumption such as whole oats, steel cut oats, oat groats and rolled oats. Whole oats have their outer hull, which is relatively hard, still intact. On the other hand, the outer hull of oat groats is removed. Steel cut oats still have their bran intact and are roughly cut, whereas rolled oats are groats that are steamed and flattened.

There is also another type of oats that is relatively softer on account of excessive processing and hence such oats tend to get cooked very fast as well. While deciding on the oat health benefits in weight loss, you should ensure that you consume steel oats or the old fashioned oats rather than instant oatmeal as this instant oatmeal tends to have a very high level of sodium. Typically, oats for weight loss would be most effective if the oats are not processed much as this helps in retaining the fiber content of oats. Fiber is the primary ingredient that contributes to weight loss.

Oat meal for reducing weight is also a healthy and effective option, as the soluble fiber that is present in oats tends to fill the individual up. It creates a gel which in turn delays the process of emptying of the stomach. This way the person tends to feel full for an extended period of time, resulting in weight loss. You can also burn fat with oats as oats are low density foods and have fewer calories. Since oats are easy to prepare, you can make sure that you do not miss your morning breakfast or eat something unhealthy. More on calories in oats

Oats for weight reduction has proven to be so effective, that nowadays there is also an oatmeal diet plan which is aimed at reducing weight, lowering the risk of certain types of cancer, as well as lowering the individual’s cholesterol levels. The oat meal diet allows the individual to consume only whole oats and products such as granola bars or instant oatmeal may not be consumed.
Besides being beneficial for weight loss, oats are also known to be very healthy as they are rich in various phytonutrients and minerals such as lignans. These minerals are known to play an important role in controlling the blood cholesterol levels and in protecting the heart.

Oats for weight loss is also a good option for those suffering from diabetes, as obesity is one of the factors that tend to aggravate the diabetes. One of the precautions to take while consuming oats is to ensure that you only purchase whole oats, as they tend to contain all the nutrients and fiber which is otherwise lost in the case of processed oats.

The time required to prepare the oats typically depends on the type of oats being cooked

  • Steel cut oats tend to take around 20 minutes to cook and are also chewy in texture.
  • Rolled oats on the other hand  are easier to chew and are ready in 5 minutes
  • Similarly quick oats tend to cook within a minute as they are first cut into tiny pieces and then rolled.

While storing oats ensure that they are packed in a well sealed, air tight container and kept in a dry and dark place. If stored in this manner, the oats will remain for almost a year. However, while considering oats for weight reduction, bear in mind that whole oats should be refrigerated as they are more likely to go rancid.

While preparing oats for weight loss, it is recommended to cook them in low fat or skimmed milk. You could also add some fresh fruits or sprinkle some cinnamon to add to the nutrient value as well as the flavor of the oatmeal. Oats can also be used to prepare bread which is a healthy option as compared to the white processed breads that are available. Oats are also beneficial to weight loss and overall good health as they help in the lowering of the bad cholesterol without adversely affecting the good cholesterol levels. However, one of the precautions to be taken while considering oats for weight loss is to keep in mind that an oatmeal diet will give little scope for variety in the diet, thereby limiting the required nutrition.

Submitted on January 16, 2014