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Low Fat Diet Tips

  1. Microwave popcorns without butter or salt are excellent.
  2. While traveling have low-fat snacks or meals.
  3. Cook food in non-stick cookware and use only small amount of canola or olive oil.
  4. Vegetables can be steamed in a basket over boiling water. It retains color, flavor and nutrients of the vegetables. You can even add herbs.
  5. A tasty way to make vegetables, fish, chicken and meat is to stir- fry in a pan with little olive or canola oil and de-fattened chicken broth.
  6. Grilled or broiled foods are tasty low-fat dishes.
  7. Poach fish in water and add garlic or herbs to enhance the flavor.
  8. Microwave uses its own moisture to cook food, its quick and easy and doesn’t need any fat.
  9. Avoid adding salt to fish, meat or poultry before cooking because a good portion of vitamin and mineral is lost during cooking process.
  10. Do not peel a potato before cooking as it reduces its nutrients and fiber contents.
  11. Pizzas should be ordered with a variety of fresh vegetables excluding cheese. If it’s a cheese pizza blot with a few napkins to remove extra oil or fat.
  12. In Chinese restaurants order any vegetable based soup or wonton soup, stir fried foods are better; order brown rice. Food should be prepared without soy sauce and MSG.
  13. In Mexican foods soft corn tortillas with onions, chicken and tomato sauce; and burritos and fajitas without sour cream are considered low fat dishes.
  14. Apples, apricots, bananas, peaches, plums and raisins are fat-free snacks.
  15. Non-fat corn chips are better than French fries.
  16. Wider pastas are made of eggs so go in for spaghetti or linguine that is lower in fat.
    Whole-grain pasta and spinach noodles are also good.
  17. Hot air popped corn and rice cakes are excellent low-fat snacks.
  18. Substitute ice cream with sherbet, sorbet, non-fat frozen yogurt and frozen fruit.
  19. Salad should be dressed with nonfat dressings and non-fat mayonnaise.

Submitted on January 16, 2014