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Low Carbohydrate Diet Are Dangerous!

The low carbohydrate is usually a high-protein, high fat diet. Most of these diets permit you to eat eggs, bacon, hot dogs, chicken, steak etc. But your carbohydrate consumption, which includes fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta, cereals, potatoes etc. should be minimal.

Initially in Low Carbohydrate diet you tend to lose weight because of water loss from the body due to a metabolic process called ketosis (found in unhealthy people), later it starts burning fat which is good. But ketosis starts burning the body’s protein, which are the building blocks and repair the body’s cells, tissues and organs. Liver and kidney maybe damaged when excess protein is broken down. Appearance of ketone in the urine proves that the body is breaking down muscle (tissue), and there is fatigue and weakness that are the side effects of this unhealthy diet.

Fatty acids are broken down to ketones and acetones, which the body uses as fuel.
This leads to loss of vital minerals, sodium and potassium from the body. Blood cholesterol shoots up and thyroid hormone level decreases and weight loss is slowed down.

The brain and nervous system use glucose present in the body for their functions. The body consumes some of the muscle tissue (protein) to meet the energy requirements of the brain and nervous system. The protein has to be broken down to amino acids, which is then converted to glucose. And if the brain fails to receive the glucose supply on time, it may cause temporary or permanent neurological damage.

This is an unhealthy, dangerous diet and once it is stopped there is rapid weight gain as the body has minimal of carbohydrates and nutrients. Your appetite increases, and to alleviate the adverse effects of the diet you start consuming large quantities of carbohydrates.
Submitted on February 24, 2009