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A Fit and Firm You

  1. Work Out While You Walk – No matter how hard or long you walk, your upper body particularly arms don’t get stronger. Weight resistance with handheld weights while walking is a great way to put your arms to work. In this manner a walker’s body not only builds muscles, but gains strength and endurance too.
  2. How Can Strength Training Exercises Help You Lose Weight – When you walk with light handheld weights, you build muscle mass, and there is an activity in muscles which in turn speeds up your metabolism and burns calories. When you walk you burn approximately 360cal/hour or 120calories every 20mins. Strength training exercise using handheld weights also burns 360cal/hour.
    Therefore according to the 20mins Power Diet-Step Plan you can burn 240calories of fat every 20mins, But only when you walk along with handheld weights. This is how you can lose more weight.
  3. Wont Weight Training Make Women’s Muscle Bulky? – Women need not fear this, as this is not power weight lifting. During Power Diet-Step Strength Training Exercise there is an increase in BMR, which burns more calories. Women have more body fat and men have more muscle mass. So women are less likely to bulk up like men. In both men and women the muscle tone and strength can be observed only after 4-6 weeks on the Power Diet-Step Walking Workout.
  4. How Often Should You Walk With Weights – Strength training exercises 2-3 times a week on alternate days is beneficial. Because it provides rest to your muscle fibers that have been stressed out and prevents damage. During strength training exercise vary the muscle groups to provide strength benefits to all of the upper muscles on a graduated basis.
  5. How Many Repetitions Should You Do With Each Exercise? – Doing one set of 10-12 repetitions for each exercise is usually adequate as you rotate from one exercise to another during your 20min walk. But if your muscles don’t tire or sore, later on in your training program you can do more repetitions. So start with fewer repetitions and gradually increase the repetitions depending on your comfort level. During your 20min walk you will be using the natural arm swing motion.
Submitted on January 16, 2014