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Fruits That Reduce Your Appetite

Oranges and grapefruit contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, along with a particular form of fiber called pectin. These pectin fibers suppress the appetite and provide only 70 calories. Orange and grapefruit also contain plant-nutrients that help lower blood fats, and strengthens immune system. Their juices however contain around 150 calories.

Another natural hunger suppressant is apple that contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. One medium apple with the skin contains approximately 4gms of fiber.
It also contains pectin which when combined with fiber has the ability to decrease hunger pangs. Because the soluble fiber content of the apple along with water in the digestive tract forms bulk in the intestine, which makes you feel full. The pectin content of apple suppresses your appetite by tricking brains hunger center into believing that you are full. The actual chewing of an apple and the slower digestion due to the formation of bulk makes you full earlier.

Apple cider vinegar contains malic acid and tartaric acid that help to break down carbohydrates slowly, which also slows down their absorption into blood stream. The flavor of apple cider vinegar increases saliva production that aids in slower digestion of carbohydrates. For appetite suppressing effects you can add 1Tbsp of apple cider vinegar to salads. Raspberry vinaigrette, olive vinegar and any other type of vinegar dressing also suppress your appetite, but use them in very small amounts.

Fruits that lower appetite:

While on a low calorie diet it is best to stock up on fruits that lower appetite for you.  Choose fruits which have high fiber content and which will keep you feeling full for longer. Apples are one of the best hunger suppressing fruits because of the high fiber content which switches off the hormones which control your appetite and do not let you over eat because of extreme hunger. Apples are also a rich source of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients and also folic acid. Consume fruits which are low in calories and high in fiber and other nutrients to help you get on with your weight loss diet.

Appetite suppression:

Appetite suppression is a good way of combating weight gain and being successful with the weight loss program which one has just embarked on.  There are several ways of doing this including drinking a lot of water even when one is not thirsty. This suppresses the appetite and you can wait a little longer to have your next snack or even meal. Adding some lime juice to the water helps as this adds to the nutrients and also helps in loosing weight by increasing the metabolic rate.  Fill yourself on natural foods like salads which are low in calories and contain no fat. When you serve yourself make sure that the salad serving is more than any of the other foods.

Natural appetite suppression:

A natural appetite suppression is the best way to eat healthy. Instead of eating refined flour and cereals start on multi grains and fresh vegetables which will give you a lot more fiber in the diet and keep you feeling full longer. Raw vegetables take longer to digest and make you full. Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and many other such vegetables help to suppress hunger and keep the calorie count down. Raw vegetables and fruits are a great way of getting all the nutrients your body requires while increasing your metabolic rate.

Low appetite with fruits:

Fruits which have soluble fiber like citrus fruits keep the blood sugars at a steady level and prevent hunger. Grapefruit and oranges are two such fruits which help in maintaining a low calorie diet.  These fruits have high fiber content and prevent hunger pangs by making one feel full for longer. Other high fiber fruits are the kiwi fruit, apples, guavas and berries. Packed with nutrients and low in calories these fruits are a rich in vitamins and minerals.

Pectin fiber in fruits

Pectin fiber in fruits is found in citrus fruits like oranges and in gooseberries, plums, quince, guavas and apples. Some of the fruits which contain pectin in small quantities are strawberries, grapes and cherries. Pectin is beneficial for digestion and in controlling cholesterol. The high fiber content helps in weight loss programs.

Other ways to suppress the appetite and be successful in loosing weight is to ensure that you get a good six to eight hours of sleep and do not suffer with exhaustion and fatigue. A multivitamin supplement could also help to suppress the appetite as deficiencies make one feel weak and this maybe misunderstood for hunger.
Submitted on January 16, 2014