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High Fiber Foods For Weight Loss And Obesity Treatment

Fruits and vegetable, whole-grain cereals and breads, yam and legumes are high fiber foods that have a high water content and low fat calories. Therefore you are eating less and having a content feeling. This aids weight loss challenge and effective weight control.

Why Fiber Rich Foods?

  1. Fiber rich foods take longer to chew and longer to digest than low-fiber foods. The hunger center is satisfied quickly and feeling full earlier leads to consuming fewer calories.
  2. Alcohol, refined flour and sugars and fats, are fiber deficient and have little or no bulk content, and requires hardly any chewing.
    And for the stomach to be filled more of the food must be eaten, that are calorie concentrated and lead to weight gain.

Negative Aspects Of Juicing

Extracting juice out of whole fruits and vegetables, and refining grains and flours leads to the following negative aspects –

  • High fiber foods are turned to low-fiber foods
  • Low-calorie foods are changed to high-calorie foods
  • High-bulk foods turned to less-bulk foods
  • More calorie consumption, because longer eating time changed into shorter spans
  • Hunger that was easily satisfied takes longer to satisfy
  • Complex carbohydrates changed to simple sugars, which are quickly absorbed
  • Slow absorption of foods produces less insulin and leads to subsequent weight gain

Due to the above mentioned drawbacks it is essential to make high fiber foods a part of daily diet regimen. When Dietary fiber is included in every meal it produces beneficial effects.

It produces more saliva as it takes longer to chew and eat, and a larger bulk is swallowed with each mouthful. The stomach is filled because of the larger bulk and there is a decrease in hunger. As a result it prevents excess caloric intake and obesity.

Submitted on January 16, 2014