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Eat and Loose Weight  

Don’t restrict or deny yourself of your favorite food. Because, it is actually how many calories that you eat, that puts on weight and not what you eat.

If you like pasta, potatoes or bread – choose whole-wheat bread and pastas, potatoes should be eaten with the skin or eat sweet potatoes. Add a serving of lean protein to the meal to make it more filling, for reducing bad-carb craving and to increase the metabolic rate and more calories are burned.
Best proteins that can be added to bad-carb meals are fish, poultry, lean meat, nuts and legumes, non-fat milk, yogurt and cheese; peanut butter, sunflower or sesame seeds, soy products or hard boiled eggs.
If you have a sweet tooth and crave for cakes, candy, cookies or ice cream – Munch an apple, orange or pear when your sweet tooth surfaces. If your appetite however goes overdrive, then you can have a bite of the forbidden sweet and chew it slowly. Throw the rest away.
Best sweets – Diet soft drink, a smoothie, low fat or non-fat yogurt, ice cream; fruits, pudding with non-fat whipped cream, lightly sugared whole-grain cereals.

If you are fond of fatty foods – then concentrate on eating good fats.

  1. Breast of chicken or lean turkey on whole-wheat bread with non-fat mayo makes a nutritious sandwich.
  2. Make low fat potato chips by baking the slices in the oven with olive oil and vegetable spray.
  3. Small water packed tuna with non-fat mayo can be used for your salad or sandwich.
  4. Choose low-fat lean ham with eggs instead of bacon or sausages.
  5. Use only egg whites instead of whole eggs.
Best Fats – Avocado, canola and olive oils.

Cutting good carbohydrates can be bad – Good carbs like complex high fiber carbs are essential for the production of a natural anti-depressant. If you reduce most carbohydrates from your diet, you may develop a low mood and crave for unhealthy carbs and ultimately gain weight by binging.

Submitted on January 16, 2014