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Drugs or medicines increases your body weight:

I am on anti anti-depressant drugs have increased 15kilos, my weight is 74 kilos and height is 5'4 I want to reduce my body weight

Weight gain is often a side-effect of many anti-depressant drugs, however weight gain is largely dependent on the type of drug used and the period of use. Preventing further weight gain is an ideal strategy when a person is on antidepressants and this should be typically done with calorie restriction and increased calorie expenditure. Weight loss can be little difficult for you at initial stage but when you imbibe the lifestyle and diet changes then it shall not be much a hassle. The following weight loss tips can help -

  1. Set a realistic goal, never starve or go on a crash diet or fad diet. These diets may help to lose weight in short span (as weight loss is mainly water loss) but weight is gained back again within few months at a lightening speed.
    Aim to lose not more than ½ kg per week.
  2. Choose healthy food options like whole grains, cereals and its products, pulses, sprouts, beans, low fat or fat free dairy products, egg whites, lean cuts of poultry and fish and loads of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. Minimize the consumption of refined/processed/canned foods, junk foods, oily foods, hydrogenated vegetable fats, butter, margarine, bakery foods, pickles, sweets, carbonated beverages, ready fruit juices, sodas and colas. These foods besides being less nutritious add more unhealthy calories in your diet which is not required.
  4. Have a bowl full of salad before starting your main meals. Have a fruit of your choice (have bananas, mangoes, sapota, custard apple and grapes in restricted amounts) whenever you feel hungry instead of fried snacks.
  5. Exercise to burn the extra calories and fat from your body. A simple exercise like brisk walk when done for at least 30-40 minutes daily can also help to reduce your weight significantly. Exercise when done along with the diet will not only help to reduce your weight but also make you active and energetic and deal with your depression.

After consulting your specialist you can even try to switch to another antidepressant drug that has lower risk of weight gain, but this can carry a risk of loss of clinical effect on your body. So before changing or stopping any medications consult your specialist. Certain medications like stimulants and H2 receptor antagonist may help to diminish your weight gain and can be taken along with your current antidepressants. Talk to your specialist about this option as these may help weight loss when used along with diet control and exercise.

Submitted on January 16, 2014