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Burn Fat Calories

  1. Prepare a list before going for shopping. Avoid buying high-fat snack foods.
  2. Packaged or canned foods should not have more than 1.5-2gms of total fat. Non-fat products are always better.
  3. Use exercise, meditation, warm bath or music as stress reliever, and not food.
  4. Use variations in your food daily and use carrots, broccoli, yams, pepper, tomatoes and greens to make meals attractive (with phytonutrients).
  5. In between meals food should be kept out of sight to avoid temptations.
  6. Have a proper high-fiber low-fat breakfast compulsorily to hold you to lunchtime.
  7. Prefer fresh fruits and vegetables to canned ones.
  8. Avoid cream-based soups. Choose the ones with vegetables and beans. Fat laden soups and stews should be refrigerated overnight to skim off the layer of fat lying on the surface.     
  9. Drink at least 8 glasses of water.
  10. Use skim milk for coffee or tea.
  11. Non-fat, low fat or skim milk cheeses should be substituted for all other cheeses.
  12. For snacks or meals baked potatoes with skin is an excellent food.
    However, French-fries can be prepared by slicing potatoes, spraying non-fat vegetable spray and baking for 20-30 minutes.
  13. To roast fish, meat or poultry use a rack so that fat drips off during cooking.
  14. Before cooking poultry and meat, trim all visible skin.
  15. Skin and seeds of vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of fiber.
  16. Fresh or canned beans of any variety are excellent sources of fiber and vitamins.
  17. Skim milk is rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals and has no fat.
  18. Non-fat yogurt is an excellent source of calcium.

Submitted on September 17, 2008