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Naturally Slim And Easy Weight Loss Diet

Counting calories can sometimes be a monotonous task, but maintaining a food journal to keep a track of the amount of calories you eat in each meal can actually bring about positive results. Opt for fat burning foods such as vegetables and fruits as much as possible during the day. In order to stay slim here are some diet tips that can help you to achieve your target apart from working out in the gym:

How To Lose Weight Quicky?

Consume plenty of water - muscles in the body and other bodily tissues are composed of 80 percent water. Consuming plenty of water throughout the day will help you to stay hydrated and also release some of the excess water in the body.

Regular consumption of water can help to reduce your weight by a few pounds.

Eat small frequent meals - weight loss is effectively handled by consuming smaller meals throughout the day than eating three of four large ones. Eating small healthy snacks every three hours helps to boost the metabolism rather than consuming large meals after long intervals. By breaking snacks into smaller portions, the blood sugar in the body is controlled, thus effectively helping you to lose fat. Every time and individual consumes a small snack, the metabolism of the body is kicked up and a new cycle is created by the thermic effect of food.

Do not starve - Instead of starving oneself, build-up a mild caloric deficit. Starving can also eat one to get trapped into food temptations. Most people who starve themselves are likely to binge on unhealthy foods when the desired to eat becomes unbearable. The body must burn off more calories than it takes in and this helps in effective weight loss rather than starvation.Don’t skip meals because you may have hunger headaches and may crave for high-calorie foods. If your blood sugar remains constant you are less likely to overeat and gain weight. So eat smaller frequent meals, which are lower in calories than one large meal.

Choose Your Foods - Firstly trace the fats in your diet and eliminate it. When you restrict fat calories you crave less for refined carbohydrates and it is less likely for you to gain weight.

Keep off from fatty foods - staying away from foods that a high in calories and fat is worth the effort taken. Fattening foods such as cakes and pastries, whole milk ice creams, white rice and so on, add-on to the pounds and are difficult to shake off. Avoid eating food at a rapid pace, because you overeat without realizing that you are already full. You have consumed excess calories. It takes 15-20 minutes for the brain to receive signal that the stomach is full.

Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables - a diet rich in fruits, fresh salads, and green leafy vegetables are important in supplying the nutrients to your body and more importantly are fat-free and without cholesterol. Such foods are termed as fat burning foods and are low in calories. Eat apples, carrots, celery, corn, cucumber and raw vegetables as they are excellent diet foods and require a lot of chewing. It prevents over eating, as the brain will receive the message when it’s full.

Stick to fruits instead of fruit juices - fruit juices are packed with sugar and are a complete no-no to a weight loss regime. Fruits instead contain plenty of fiber and help in neutralizing the sugar in them. 

Don't skip breakfast - People, who skip breakfast, start craving for food and indulge in mid-morning, mid-afternoon or late evening snack, and overeat. Avoid drinking too much of caffeine as it is an appetite stimulant.

No Dieting - Deciding to diet is a very difficult decision. You should have fun with your diet, because you are going to lose weight by eating exciting, colorful, tasty and healthy foods.

Do not compromise on sleep - getting plenty of sleep is essential to losing weight and preventing further weight gain.  According to medical experts, good sleeping habits are important in the success of any weight loss program.

Submitted on October 18, 2013