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Peer Pressure To Eat More

Your appetite goes into an overdrive especially when you are dining with your friends. Due to the excitement, fun and laughter, your appetite mechanism doesn’t shut-off easily and you overeat. So if you are dining with your friends order a low-fat, low-calorie meal. All the women should know that men eat more than them without gaining weight.
Some tips to be followed are –
  1. Food should be chewed slowly.
  2. Put your fork down between bites.
  3. When you are talking while eating, stop eating for sometime and then resume eating.
  4. Don’t hesitate to leave food on plate if you are full.
  5. If you feel full while eating at home, place the plate in kitchen and return to the dining table because there will be no food to pick at.
  6. Never order meals similar to your friends order. Because it maybe high-calorie fatty meals.
  7. Don’t ever try to match your pace with a fast eater at your table, because they eat non-stop and never realize when they are full.
  8. Never order more than 1drink when you are dining with your friends.

Tips on eating out

Eating out can be very challenging, especially if you are on a diet or are trying to cut down on your caloric intake. Often, when we are traveling, holidaying, or eating out, we tend to make allowances for foods that we would otherwise think twice about consuming. Especially when you are on a diet, bingeing on food while eating out can completely upset the balance that you have been trying to make in your eating habits and your caloric intake. To bring this back into balance, the best and easiest way is to avoid eating out.

Yet, eating out is something that you cannot completely avoid. What to do in case there is no way you are able to wiggle out of a social engagement that necessitates you to eat outside?

Research in the past has shown that when you are eating out, you end up consuming more salt and fat, both of which are high in calories and are harmful for your cardio vascular health. Here are some tips on eating out:

•   The simplest of the tips on eating out is to avoid foods with high calories. You can begin by ordering yourself an appetizer which is low in calories or fats. Get yourself a soup or a garden salad which will fill you up and prevent you from overeating.
•   If there is a bread basket on your table, get it removed. Usually when you pick on the bread, you are consuming refined flours, which are high in calories.
•   If you are keen on avoiding fatty foods and unnecessary calories, the best tips on eating out include ordering only an appetizer instead of an entrée. A garden salad usually fills you up well enough for you to forego the entrée completely.
•   Drink a lot of water and pass on the wine. Though wine can be consumed in small quantities, it is better to consume water in large quantities so that you do not end up eating too much. If you want, you can get a portion of the meal wrapped up to take home so that you can eat it later.
•   If you are feeling full, it is best to stop eating. Eating when you are already full can cause a lot of unnecessary guilt over consuming extra calories.
•   If it is possible, try to pass off on eating out as much as you can. The best way to keep yourself fit is to avoid eating out if it is possible.


Submitted on January 16, 2014