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Loosing weight after delivering a baby:

After delivery I have put on 10kgs its already a year, but I am still over weight What should I do?

Weight gain after delivery is something that needs immediate attention. This is because the earlier you try to lose the extra pounds, the better it is for you. Lifestyle modification, diet and exercise help in weight loss.  Presence of a baby in your life must have pushed your lifestyle haywire. Sleeping at odd times, hitting the bed right after meals and bingeing on junk are some of them. Try to check out these 16 tips that are listed here, to help you out.

  1. Avoid sleeping at odd hours of the day. Though it must be tiring to maintain a year old infant, you have to adjust to the same. Leave a gap of at least two hours, between your meal and bedtime.
  2. Check out new hobbies to divert yourself from the usual fatigue and weakness.
  3. Calorie reduction helps a great deal in weight loss. Decrease the calorie intake.
  4. A lot of wrong advice by many, results in improper intake. Intake of clarified butter, increase in calorie intake are some of them.
  5. Eat wisely, by choosing the right kind of foods. Fill your diet with nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals and so on.
  6. Opt for skimmed milk and fat free dairy products, as they are important, especially during nursing.
  7. Fresh fruit juices devoid of sugar help, instead of high cal and high protein beverages.
  8. Adequate amount of water helps in the removal of drugs and other toxic metabolites.
  9. Pizzas, burgers, chips and fried foods are a strong 'no-no'. They contain saturated fats, which prove harmful to the system.
  10. Fruits and vegetables function as antioxidants and are a storehouse of a number of vitamins and minerals.
  11. Avoid muffins, whole fat yoghurt, milk shakes and nuts, as they provide a lot of calories.
  12. Abstain from carbonated beverages, as they result in a calorie hike, without any nutrient contribution.
  13. Cherry tomatoes, pretzels, baby carrots, fruit salad and skimmed yoghurt are some of the best snack time foods that help to prevent junk foods.
  14. Exercise is important for shedding the additional pounds. Jogging, aerobics, walking and swimming are cardiovascular exercises that aid in weight loss.
  15. Weight training exercises, along with cardiovascular exercises help in formation of muscles. This calls for increase in expenditure, thereby resulting in weight loss.
  16. Certain weight training exercises that you can give a try are dead lifts, bench presses, dumb bells, barbell rows and bench dips.
Submitted on October 18, 2013