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Valentine Chocolate

Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February. Valentine’s Day is signified by the demonstration of love between couples and is used as a day to celebrate this love. The most common practices on Valentine’s Day include the presentation of gifts in the forms of flowers and chocolates between partners. Originally, this holiday was celebrated as a part of the Christian religion. In modern times the day has been adopted by many people worldwide from varying backgrounds and religions.
The celebration of Valentine’s Day has become more commercial over the years with people spending more and more money on extravagant gifts and displays of affection. In modern times there is also plenty of controversy associated with this festival, especially in places where there is a cultural divide between different sections of society. Valentine’s Day is often associated with images of red hearts and with the exchanging of red roses among other gifts. The color red is, in general, the popular option for gifts both edible and non edible. 

In modern times, particularly in westernized societies, it is almost imperative for couples to exchange gifts during Valentine’s Day. This practice has led to the development of a huge amount of economic relevance, particularly for flower sales, confectionary sales and gift item sales. One simple type of gift that can be used for the occasion of Valentine’s Day is that of valentine chocolate. Valentine chocolate simply refers to a particular valentine chocolate recipe or type of valentine chocolate preparation and packaging that is designed to be used on this occasion. The increasing popularity of this holiday between lovers has meant that there are now specific valentine chocolates that people can gift to each other.

The term valentine chocolate essentially applies to any type of chocolate that has the theme of love associated with it. One could therefore classify any heart shaped chocolate as valentine chocolate. Chocolate itself has always been associated with pleasure and with a sense of satisfaction and craving. It is perhaps this aspect of chocolate that has made it a universally popular gift for people who wish to share their love with their loved ones. Many studies have shown that the consumption of chocolate actually produces a physiological reaction in people that produces a sense of relaxation and pleasure. Chocolates have become increasingly popular as a dessert item with most recipes for cakes involving chocolate. Chocolate is produced from cocoa beans which may be grown in different parts of the world. The global industry of chocolate manufacture is worth billions of dollars and is one of the engines behind the commercial push that holidays such as Valentine’s Day receive.
Many valentine chocolate products are made with the use of red colored fruits. The use of strawberries and raspberries is extremely popular in this case. These fruits or their extracts are often used for garnish or for filling these valentine chocolates. Cherries are also applicable in this case. The use of raspberries, strawberries and cherries is also applicable for a valentine chocolate cake recipe.

When it comes to a valentine chocolate gift, there are just a few things that need to be kept in mind. In most cases, valentine chocolates are produced in heart shaped designs. The packaging and gift wrapping of such gifts is also important from the point of view that they should match the occasion. Most valentine chocolates are packed in appropriate colors, often with a message or a card attached to the packaging.

Naturally, it is important to know if one’s partner is fond of chocolates. There are some people who do not find the taste suitable to their palates.

One may also choose to prepare a homemade valentine chocolate delight for one’s partner. In such a situation, one can use some simple valentine chocolate cake recipe. There are many recipes for chocolate cake in general ranging from the simple to the most delicate and complicated. One may use simple recipes for the preparation of a valentine chocolate cake recipe. The main point when one wishes to produce a valentine chocolate cake is the use of the appropriate size and shape of baking dish. Typically, a valentine cake is heart shaped and is of a size appropriate for two people to consume. When preparing a valentine chocolate cake recipe, one should also be aware of whether the use of eggs is appropriate or not. Recipes can be found on the internet both with and without eggs in their contents.

When one wishes to prepare a valentine chocolate cake recipe, one needs high quality ingredients. Some of the common ingredients used in most valentine chocolate cake recipes include unsweetened cocoa, eggs, vanilla extract, baking powder, salt, sugar, flour and butter. If one uses salted butter, then the quantity of salt used in the recipe should be adjusted accordingly. The quantities of these ingredients vary depending on the exact recipe that is being used. Naturally, one should check the size of the serving in each recipe and adjust the same to suit the smaller recipe that one wishes to prepare.

Traditionally, a valentine chocolate cake recipe is completed with a garnish of sweet icing which may be topped with raspberries or strawberries. The cake should also be made in a dish that is heart shaped. Heart shaped cakes are preferred for Valentine’s day. One may also prepare the cake in a traditional rectangle, square or round shape and use the garnish or topping to make the designs that one wishes to make. It is always prudent to take a small taste of the batter as it is being prepared so that the ingredients can be adjusted accordingly. Apart from this, there is not much that goes into the preparation of a valentine chocolate cake recipe. Naturally, someone wishing to impress his or her partner should have a certain amount of proficiency with cake making before attempting to make a complicated recipe. Simple cake recipes can be tried by any person as long as the steps explained in the recipe are followed properly.
Submitted on January 16, 2014