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Calories in Eggplant

The eggplant also known as aubergine, purple pear, or guinea squash derives its roots from the nightshade genus as do sweet peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. Its origins are from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Though called a fruit, it is actually a berry with a soft fleshy pulp. Related to the ubiquitous tobacco plant, the seeds are sometimes bitter because of alkaloids of nicotine.

How Many Calories in Roasted Eggplant Permesan

Calories in an eggplant are not much.
According to nutrition facts of the eggplant, a cupful or 82 grams, contains 1 g of protein, 2 g of sugar, and no cholesterol or fat. It is rich in fiber (3 g, 11%), folate, vitamins B1 and B6, potassium, manganese, and copper. Due to its density, a serving of eggplant is quite filling and hence, good for losing weight. The calories in eggplant (cupful) are 20. It is however quite high in sugar. Calories in roasted eggplant (cupful) are zero, containing no fats, sugar, carbohydrates or cholesterol, but it is rich in vitamin B12. How many calories in eggplant parmesan? Despite possessing rich amounts of fiber, vitamins and minerals, it also has high levels of fats, carbohydrates, and cholesterol, 683.98 mg of sodium, and of potassium. The number of calories in eggplant parmesan is 319.44. How many calories in eggplant parmigiana? The presence of cheese, milk, and various sauces make this dish very filling. Calories in eggplant parmigiana (one serving) are 485.4. A single serving of grilled eggplant contains 80 calories. A dish of fried eggplant includes eggs, bread crumbs, and oil. Deep frying the eggplant slices add to the calorie and fat count. Calories in fried eggplant are 359. Besides the calories in an eggplant being low, flavonoids, phenolic compounds and phyto-nutrients present in the eggplant are of both nutritional and medicinal importance. They display antioxidant properties, check cell damage, and fight bad cholesterol, cancer, viral and bacterial infections. Owing to its high fiber content and low calories, a diet of eggplant is ideal for people on a healthy weight losing regimen. People with arthritis, gout, gall bladder, and kidney complications should abstain from eating this vegetable as the oxalates in an eggplant could be harmful to their health. The high fiber content and low calories in an eggplant make it the perfect diet for type 2 diabetes as the enzymes in the eggplant help control blood pressure by keeping the blood sugar in check.


Submitted on January 16, 2014