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Headache Due To Caffeine

Caffeine is felt to be one among the most popular drinks or products that works like a stimulant and is used by lots of people in eradicating the feeling of drowsiness and fatigue. There are many ways in which one can try and limit their caffeine intake. One of the basic steps that one can take as a caffeine overdose remedy is to first and fore most try and consciously limit the quantity of coffee being had in a day. Similarly it is also always advised that one should first read the nutritional ingredients mentioned on the bottle or container along with the label contents to establish the level of caffeine present in the food products. This way one can establish the quantity of caffeine being consumed.
One can also very gradually start to reduce their regular weekly consumption of caffeine by about 5 to 10 percent. One can also start off by having smaller servings. Another useful caffeine overdose treatment is to combine caffeinated beverages with decaffeinated ones. Pregnant women should definitely avoid all kinds of caffeine products as drinking caffeine while pregnant can raise the chances of miscarriage. It can also cause birth defects and the underdevelopment of the fetus. Brewing coffee for a lesser time can also help in reducing the quantity of caffeine being consumed. Another negative aspect to caffeinated products is that they may be full of sweet substances or sugar. Caffeine along with sugary substances can also come together to seriously affect one’s health.

Some of the side effects of caffeine overdose include one feeling hyperactive, restless and excited for a short period of time. The other side effects of caffeine also include the person feeling of irritability, nervousness, indigestion, nausea, and diarrhea. Along with some of these basic side effects, consumption of caffeine can also lead to an anxiety, irregular heartbeat, hallucination, frequent urination, depression, manias, lack of concentration, sleep disorders and even memory loss. Caffeine causing headache is one of the most common side effects that an individual experiences with excess consumption of caffeine. In some of the extreme cases of a caffeine overdose it can cause the dysfunctioning of an individual’s heart. It can at times also cause extreme instances of convulsions and may finally but rarely lead to the death of an individual.

Remedy For Caffeine Headache

Some of the simplest forms of caffeine headache cure are for the person affected to take a short nap. At times just sleeping through a caffeine headache can be the simplest and easiest cure. This is especially useful for those who are trying to cut back on the coffee and are thus experiencing the withdrawal caffeine headache. Try sleep in a darkened room with no light at all and all external sounds eliminated. This can help in soothing the caffeine headache greatly. Another caffeine headache remedy is to never quit drinking or consuming caffeine cold turkey. If one gradually reduces their consumption then the body may not even experience any withdrawal symptoms like the caffeine headache. Peppermint is another effective caffeine headache treatment. People who consume peppermint usually find that the headache goes away quite fast. Getting a head massage and a neck massage is another great way of getting rid of the caffeine headache. Applying a cold cloth or compress on the nape of one’s neck and across the brow will also help in soothing the headache and reducing the pain. Some of the caffeine headache symptoms will include pain in the neck and head. Caffeine migraine headaches can also be very painful. At times drinking plenty of water and practicing deep breathing can help in alleviating the discomfort.
Submitted on January 16, 2014