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Caffeine Drinks

A caffeinated beverage or a caffeinated drink is any drink which contains caffeine. This caffeine is a stimulant that is legal and is one of the most popular stimulants in the world especially among the developed countries. Some of the common caffeinated content beverages include teas, coffees, various kinds of energy drinks, and soft drinks. Tea and coffee are found to naturally have caffeine. Whereas some of the popular drinks like cola have intentionally used this caffeine stimulant as one of the ingredients.

The main reason for consumption of caffeinated beverages and drinks over non caffeinated drinks is primarily because of the results of caffeine. Thus many people like to start their day by drinking a coffee with the intention of waking themselves up. The highest caffeine drinks will tend to be coffees and energy drinks. Each energy drink caffeine level will differ from the next in terms of the quantity of caffeine found in each drink. Which place the coffee is sold at will also determine the levels of caffeine in the drink.

Moderate consumption of a caffeine drink that is anywhere between 3 to 4 cups of in a given day or that is anywhere in between 200 mg to even 300 mg is not regarded as being harmful largely in the case of those who are healthy people. But if it is drunk in excess of the limit then it is considered to be harmful and seriously dangerous. It can end up doing a lot of damage to the human body. 5 to 7 cups of the brewed coffee or instant coffee or anywhere between 550 mg  up to 700 mg shots of a caffeine drink in a specific day is thought to be an excess consumption of the caffeine drink and will equal to an over dose of the caffeine drink.

How To Limit Caffeine Intake

There are various different ways by which one can try to limit their intake of caffeine. One of the main steps that a person can take to treat a caffeine drink overdose is by simply consciously trying and limiting the number of drinks of coffee one is having in a day. It is also recommended by experts that an individual always read the label content and ingredients which will state the nutritional levels and the quantities of all the caffeine products to help in establishing if the person is unwittingly drinking more caffeine than they had intended to drink. The energy drink caffeine is drunk to give people the boost or wake up call. One can separately also try to gradually decrease their weekly drinking of caffeine by starting of with reducing 10 percent. One can also try drinking lesser servings. Another useful caffeine drink overdose treatment involves combining caffeinated beverages with some decaffeinated ones. Also pregnant women are definitely advised to avoid all the types of caffeine drinks as the results of drinking caffeine can be quite harmful. Some of the main problems of consuming caffeine drinks when pregnant are that it raises the risks of miscarriage. It can similarly lead to birth defects being caused in the fetus and also the underdevelopment of the fetus. Brewing coffee drinks for a shorter time can also aid in lowering the portions of caffeine being drunk. Another of the negative aspects to drinking caffeinated products is that they tend to be full of substances that are sugary. Caffeine in combination with these sugary substances can lead to ill effects to one’s health. Death due to caffeine drinks is fairly difficult to achieve. A person would have to drink approximately 35 mugs of coffee very fast. However caffeine toxicity is becoming a common feature in today’s world. Thus switching to a mild herbal tea or drinking a cup of hot chocolate is recommended.
Submitted on January 16, 2014