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Jalapeno Facts

Is Jalapeno fruit or vegetable. What are its health benefits
(October 12, 2011)

Does jalapeno pepper benefit hair?

Jalapeno is often used in many alternative therapies to boost hair growth and restrict hair fall. There is an extremely effective hair tonic that can be made with jalapeno. You need to soak some chopped jalapenos in vodka for a few days. Then, remove the jalapenos and add castor oil to this infused vodka. Apply and massage it gently on your scalp at least twice a week.

The jalapenos infusion works with the roots of your hair to increase stimulation of hair growth and stop hair loss. This hair tonic needs to be applied carefully, as the jalapeno spice can damage the skin or the eyes.

The jalapeno pepper has many health benefits because of its many healthy components. Not only is it great for hair growth and reduction of hair loss, it is also good for the body because of its high quantity of antioxidants. Antioxidants help reduce the free radicals that damage cells. Jalapenos are high in minerals and vitamins and make great additions to salads, salsas, stews, soups and even cornbread. The ‘capsaicin’ in the jalapenos helps improve metabolism and thereby help you burn the calories. Jalapenos are also known to trigger serotonin in the body, reducing depression and making you happy.

Is jalapeno a good cure for stomach problems?

Jalapeno may not necessarily be a cure for acidity, but it does not aggravate the condition further either. Eating spicy food has been known to aggravate acidity but that applies for spice in the powder form. Fresh chilies and peppers are good to eat. They help treat stomach ulcers and even restrict the spread of life threatening cancers. Capsaicin, one of the main components of jalapeno, is known to have many uses. It is an ingredient being used in many different treatments. Capsaicin has shown to have the power to kill cancer-causing cells without harming the good cells. Jalapeno peppers are also high in vitamin C and ascorbic acid. They are, however, considered a low-acid food.  

Jalapeno is believed to have good effects on the digestion system as well. Eating naturally spicy food helps the digestive system remain healthy. It has also been known to increase metabolism. Some schools of calorie counting indicate that peppers like jalapeno and habaneros are negative calorie foods. Negative calorie foods are those that the body spends more calories in digesting as compared to the calories ingested. A good way to consume Jalapeno peppers without feeling excessive heat is to take out its seeds and veins.

Why jalapeno is recommended for people with joint problems?

Arthritis and gout, a form of arthritis are a result of excess uric acid build-up in the body. In both these instances, joints in the body can get malformed and cause pain. People who suffer from these conditions are often encouraged to eat foods low in purine. Jalapeno peppers, along with many other peppers, are low in purine and are great inclusions in diet for arthritis and gout patients.

Capsaicin, the ingredient that causes the heat in peppers, is also being used in treatments for pain. Diabetic neuropathy, arthritis and its different forms and other chronic pain-inducing conditions can benefit greatly from the heat of jalapeno peppers. These peppers are storehouses of vitamin A and C, both of which help build immunity. This fruit is low in calories, sodium and contains no carbohydrates. The anti-inflammatory properties of peppers along with its pain-reducing capabilities have been used for medications. Including fresh jalapeno peppers in your diet is a good idea to reduce your susceptibility to pain, keep your digestion and metabolism healthy and of course, add a nice spicy kick to your food. Though the research is still underway, there have been some signs that show how capsaicin can also reduce the chances of cancer.

How does jalapeno benefit intestinal disorders?

Jalapenos are one of the hottest peppers in the family of peppers. Like all peppers, these contain high quantities of vitamin A and C–essential for building immunity and protecting the body from illnesses. ‘Capsaicin ’a component in these peppers relieves pain, and is therefore extremely beneficial for migraine headaches and other such aches. Eating these jalapenos regularly can help jump start your metabolism and in turn, help you lose weight.

These peppers are not high in fiber and cannot counter constipation. However, if your system is not used to jalapenos, consuming them just might help reduce the uneasiness. Eating too many peppers can irritate your intestines or colon. This is certainly not a treatment and you should be careful or refrain from eating jalapeno peppers if your body reacts badly to it. Jalapeno peppers do not cause any form of acidity or acid reflux. Neither do jalapeno peppers help treat acid reflux. If your system is aggravated with chronic acidity, consuming jalapeno peppers could cause more distress. Their inclusion in pain relief treatments does not involve eating them. Despite being used to jalapenos, if you eat them after a long time, you could experience some amount of pain.

Are jalapeno peppers beneficial for heart and respiratory problems?

Jalapeno peppers are very good for both the heart and respiratory system. Jalapeno peppers contain a compound known as ‘capsaicin’. Capsaicin is the compound that gives jalapeno peppers its distinctive hot flavor. Capsaicin protects the heart in many ways. It helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body, which when in excess cause the arteries to become narrow. It also helps the heart by regulating blood pressure. It inhibits the formation of fibrin in the body, thereby preventing clot formation and lowering the risk of strokes. Studies have shown that people who include jalapeno peppers in their food are less susceptible to heart diseases. Using jalapeno pepper to treat sinus and relieve nasal congestion is an age old remedy. The heat generated from the pepper clears mucus from the nasal passages. Capsaicin has antibacterial properties that help combat nasal infections. It is also known to inhibit a neuropeptide in the brain that transmits pain, thus it alleviates sinus headaches.

The use of jalapenos for sore throat treatment is another age old remedy. A sore throat usually presages a cold. Jalapenos are rich in vitamins A and C, containing almost 300% more vitamin C than oranges. And vitamin C as everyone knows, helps in combating colds and sore throat.

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Jalapeno peppers health benefits

There are several health benefits of jalapenos. From fighting cancer to providing vitamins and folate and providing pain relief, jalapenos are a nutritious and healthy vegetable and have plenty of health effects.

Jalapeno facts: A lot of people wonder if jalapeno is a fruit or vegetable. But research shows that jalapeno peppers are fruits, and the jalapeno health benefits can be attributed to capsaicin, an active component in peppers. Jalapenos are well known for their burning sensation and hot taste. Pop a sliver into your mouth and you’ll instantly recognize the stinging taste and the bead of perspiration that’ll dot your forehead. Either medium or large in size, jalapeno peppers are green in color when they are sold and are about 2-4 inches in length.

Jalapeno health benefits:
Jalapenos are excellent sources of vitamins A and C, and folate. These peppers are extremely hot and spicy because of capsaicin, a chemical that is known to give it this fiery flavor. Extremely good for the health, jalapeno peppers are also known for inducing weight loss. Capsaicin with its thermongenic properties can heat up the body just after a person eats some, leading to fat loss.  Speaking about jalapeno and health, these are also good for your heart health and are known to control the cholesterol levels in the body.

Interestingly, jalapenos are known for their cancer-fighting properties. The capsaicin in these peppers can fight colon and stomach cancers. Studies have shown that in countries where the consumption of jalapeno is very high, there people have less incidence of cancer.

Pain relief is another jalapeno health benefit. Studies have shown that capsaicin can work against something called Substance P, which is the carrier of pain and abundant in patients suffering from headaches and arthritis. Capsaicin also has anti-inflammatory properties, and this has made it a popular ingredient in research regarding intestinal disease. Studies have hinted that capsaicin might be beneficial in treating bowel problems.

Jalapenos rich in capsaicin are also packed with healing properties. If you eat enough jalapenos, you may be able to keep your blood pressure under check. It is also great for cardiac health and can keep your heart fit. Jalapenos are believed to help in weight loss and can prevent the formation of blood clots.

Capsaicin found in jalapenos can cure ulcers and can also combat the bacteria in the stomach and stimulate the cells in the lining of the stomach and lead them to secrete juices that have a buffering and protective effect. Also, capsaicin can increase the level of oxygen in the blood.

Packed with vitamins, potassium as well as folic acid, jalapenos not only pump in nutrients into your body, but also add that spicy flavor to your meal. Also, since these are low on calories and sodium, you can be at peace about jalapeno nutritional benefits.

Health benefits of jalapenos in detail: Till now, we’ve seen a broad overview of the jalapeno benefits. Now, let’s look at certain health problems and how jalapenos can cure these.

Arthritis: Like we’d mentioned, jalapenos have anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them good for treating health problems that include pain and swelling. Arthritis is one such problem that causes a lot of inflammation and pain, and jalapenos in your meals can help control the problem.

Cancer: Two studies, one by a team of British scientists and another by the American Association of Cancer Research shows that capsaicin can combat cancer cells, especially that of prostate cancer.

A new study discovered that extracts from chili peppers and jalapeno peppers can kill the mitochondria in cancer cells, which are the most important part in cancer cells. The test showed that the capsaicin fought the mitochondria the moment it was injected into the cells, killing off several cells without causing any damage to the healthy cells.

Headaches: If you’ve got a headache coming along or are susceptible to headaches, make sure you include plenty of jalapenos in your diet. The capsaicin in these peppers can block Substance P, a neruopeptide and ease pain.

Nasal congestion: Suffering from sinus and blocked nasal passages? Pop in some jalapeno peppers for quick relief. Not difficult to guess, it’s the heat-inducing properties in peppers that sets your nose flowing, which automatically clears the nasal passages. So breathe easy with jalapeno peppers.

Cardiac problems and high blood problems: Now, did we ever think that the simple little green fruit with a sting can keep your heart in mint condition and check your blood pressure, preventing it from shooting up?

Jalapeno peppers make sure that the body isn’t hoarding excess fluid. Extra fluid in the body can have several negative effects. Too much fluid around your heart can put a strain on the organ causing a dangerous situation to arise. If the fluid puts pressure on your lungs, then you may have a problem breathing easily. Consult your doctor about jalapeno peppers and how these can reduce the level of fluid in the body, before you try this.

How peppers can help the situation? Well, pop in a pepper and you’re sure to break into a sweat, which will naturally drain the fluid from the body.

It has also been observed that in countries where meals are cooked with jalapenos regularly, the citizens of that city have less chances of getting heart attacks. Studies have also shown that jalapenos can prevent the build up of fibrin, which is known to induce formation of blood clots.  Jalapenos also have anti-oxidant properties, which can combat the free radicals and keep you in better health.

Note: While jalapeno peppers are great for your health, we suggest you practice restraint while eating them. Gobbling up far too many can also irritate your intestinal tract, and touching raw, hot peppers can cause a burning sensation in your fingers and eyes.

So use one or two peppers – finely sliced, while cooking your meals. And also, do consult a nutritionist and ask him or her how you can incorporate jalapenos effectively in your meal plans.

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The Jalapeno is considered to be a vegetable but is actually a fruit that belongs to the pepper family. Jalapeno peppers health benefits can be attributed to its active component called capsaicin. Jalapenos are known for their distinct hot taste and warm-burning sensation when eaten. Medium to large in size, it is a chilli-pepper. They are 2 to 4 inches in length and are sold when green.

Jalapenos are a good source of vitamin C, folate and vitamin A. The reason why jalapenos are so spicy is because they have capsaicin, a chemical that gives it the hot edge. Capsaicin is very good for health. Jalapenos are great for weight loss. Because capsaicin is a thermongenic, a property that heats up your body by consuming energy, it burns your fat. This is also good for your heart. Jalapenos also control cholesterol.

Surprisingly, capsaicin is known and used to fight cancer. It is used to fight different kinds of stomach and colon cancers. It is noted that in countries that consume a lot of pepper and jalapenos, the rates of some kinds of cancer is low. Although it has not been proved that the low numbers are because of jalapeno intake, Chinese and Japanese scientists have noted a brief reduction in leukemic cells when capsaicin in present. A study has found that a  goof quantity of capsaicin caused the capsaicin cells to freeze in the non-proliferative stage.

Another benefit from consuming jalapenos is pain relief. Capsaicin is found to be useful in working against substance p, a pain-carrying substance that’s abundant in Arthritis pain and headaches. Capsaicin also works as an anti-inflammatory. Because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties, it has been widely used in research involving intestinal disease. Research also has it that capsaicin might help in curing bowel problems.

Capsaicin also has healing properties. Along with that, it can also regulate your blood pressure. As mentioned before, it is great for the heart. It curbs your appetite and helps you lose weight. It stop blood clots as well. Capsaicin is found to have stopped ulcers. Although misunderstood over the years, Jalapeno peppers do not cause ulcers. Not only do they stop ulcers, but also kill bacteria and stimulates the cells of the stomach lining to secrete buffering, protective juices. Not only that, it increases the oxygen level in your blood.

Jalapenos are a good source of Vitamin A, C and E, Potassium and folic acid. They are very low on calories and sodium and have no carbohydrates.
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