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Best Otc Weight Loss

Hello there - how will Best Otc Weight Loss help? Is it advisable for me?
(May 2, 2008)

Best Otc (Over The Counter) Weight Loss Tips

You can get several over the counter medicines for weight loss without the prescription from the doctor. You might start noticing some difference in your weight & body initially but for long term purposes, the OTCs are not beneficial. They are known to have some side effects & can cause health complications. In some cases, weight loss did not occur while at other times, people have regained their weights after some time.

If you plan your diet according to your body type, age, gender & medical history, you will not only lose weight successfully but will also be able to maintain your newly acquired image permanently. Keep a food journal with you where you can note down the foods that you eat & also calculate the calorie intake.

Perform yoga exercise, workouts or do cycling, walking or running; choose any physical activity according to your capability & limitations.

Always remember never to expect miracles because to attain what you have set out to do will take time and once you have achieved your ideal body weight, ensure that you it should remain that way. When you change your diet & everyday habits, you bring a permanent change in yourself.
Submitted by R B on May 2, 2008 at 04:17


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