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Fitness schedule and diet plan to reduce weight

I am 40 years, 85 kg weight, height 5.3inches. How to reduce my weight give me the daily diet plan and exercises
(August 7, 2008)

Before you begin a particular diet or start on a fitness schedule, it is important that you seek advice from a medical practitioner. In order to rule out prevailing health conditions it is important that you undergo medical examination before embarking on a weight loss program. One of the most healthiest and long-term ways to lose weight and maintain an optimum weight balance is to introduce your body to slow changes in terms of food and exercise. Do not rush into any form of intensive cardiovascular activity if you haven't exercise for a long time as it can hinder your motivation to lose weight and also cause some form of injury. On the other hand, seek medical advice from a dietician or a nutritionist before starting on a diet.

Taking your physical condition into consideration, the dietician will be able to guide you on specific foods that you need to consume or should not consume. Some basic rules to follow while embarking on a diet is to limit on reduce the amount of calories in your daily meals without cutting down on your body's daily requirements of necessary vitamins and minerals. Try to increase your daily activity by gradually increasing daily walks and simple exercises in your routine. It is important that introduce changes gradually whether in diet or in exercise. Makes smart changes in your food by switching over to healthier food options such as opting for semi skimmed or fat-free dairy products instead of full fat milk and milk products.

Similarly, choose lean meat over red meats and meat cuts with fat. Changing your eating habits and modifying them to suit a healthy lifestyle will help you in achieving your weight-loss goals in a matter of few months, at helping you maintain an ideal weight permanently. In terms of exercise, find something that you enjoy as a daily activity and build it into your routine without looking at it as monotonous exercise. Try to take longer walks in parks or during outings. While watching television, use commercial breaks to stand up and stretch and do simple exercises. Another interesting way of watching television is to use an exercise bicycle while watching your favorite program.

Eliminate all forms of sugary foods, sweets, white flour baked products, alcoholic drinks, fast food and junk food items, fried foods, rich creamy sauces, processed foods etc. as these foods not only pile on the calories but also have harmful effects on health in the long run. Fatty foods and sugary foods should be limited to as little as possible to prevent health disorders such as hypertension and diabetes. It is important to cut down on unhealthy food items in order to bring down excess weight and also enhanced your fitness schedule. Without keeping a tab on unhealthy food items, any endeavor to lose weight will only be negated.

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