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Circuit Weight Training

What are the benefits of Circuit Weight Training?
(April 11, 2008)

Circuit Weight Training 

Circuit training is a training technique which involves switching from one exercise to another for each muscle groups until each muscle in the body is worked out. It can include cardio stations or strength training stations or even a mixture of these two for more effectiveness. The main goal of circuit training is to keep the heart rate elevated. Many experts do believe that while doing circuit training you are actually doing worst because you are splitting your energies in both worlds that is strength and cardio. It is a good workout way but to avoid plateaus and boredom it should be changed every 4-6 weeks like any other training program.

Circuit training is also used by people who have time constrains and are keen on combining cardio and strength exercises for performance. Before starting a circuit training start a 5 minutes warm up or walk or light stretching then for next five minutes do intense cardio exercises like running, speed walking or cycling. Then for 7 minutes practice weight training then again shift to intense cardio exercises for next 5 minutes. Then again shift to weight training for 7 minutes and then end it with a 5 minutes cool down which can involve simple walking or stretching exercises. 

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