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Personal Weight Training

I have no idea about Personal Weight Training. Where can I find some useful information ?
(April 11, 2008)

Personal Weight Training 

Weight training is a type for endurance or strength training which uses weights or ones own body weight as resistance to strengthen the body muscles. Weight training is important to remain fit because as a person ages the lean muscles are replaced by fat, weight training can help to reverse this trend and preserve the lean muscle mass in the body. Personal weight training is simply when you choose to set up your own program. You can even use a personal trainer to begin with if you are very raw in this field. To start with personal weight training and build muscles you need to use more resistance than what your muscles are used to.

You should carry enough weight to barely complete 12 repetitions at a shot. Studies prove that only 12 repetitions done with a just apt weight is sufficient to build muscles easily than sitting for hours in the gym and doing numerous repetitions. Gradually progress, increase your intensity and weights and time which you spend per session. A 10 % increase can be done each time after you are comfortable with your last increase. Rest enough and give time to your muscles to recover. You can plan your sessions accordingly if you choose to work out your arms and shoulder muscles on Sunday then choose legs muscles on Monday. Before starting any of the repetitions do a 10 minutes warm up and always end your training with a 10 minutes cool down this will prevent any muscle injury. When you lift and lower your weights see that you do it slowly to avoid any swings. Lastly always check your posture stand and sit up straight to protect your spine. 

Submitted by S M on April 11, 2008 at 07:28


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