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Salad Recipes

Need advice on Salad Recipes. Know anything about it?
(April 11, 2008)

Salad Recipes Advice 

Salads should be enjoyed with the starters as it would help to give you the feeling of satiety soon. A fresh vegetable or fruit salad is a very good and healthy option for people who are looking forward to lose some weight. Provided it is topped with heavy fat dressings like mayonnaise. Try the following tempting salad recipes –

Corn and sprouts salad – Take 100 gm mixed sprouts and 50 gm sweet corn. Steam both the corn and the sprouts in a pressure cooker till they are lightly done.

Do not over cook them. Then cut fresh cucumber in small pieces and chop herbs like mint leaves, fresh parsley and coriander leaves in the mixture. Add salt and squeeze a slice of lemon. For spicy taste red peppers can be chopped and added in the salad.

Mixed green salad – Chill the green vegetables like take fresh parsley leaves, celery, cucumber, cabbage and lettuce (these green leaves when chilled will give a unique freshness and color to the salad) in the refrigerator. Now tear the lettuce and cut the other greens in medium pieces. Heat extra virgin olive oil in a pan and add 2 cloves lightly mashed garlic to it. Toss the vegetables for a minute, add salt and white vinegar to it and remove from the pan. In a serving dish place two leaves of lettuce and spread this salad on it.  

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