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Easy Recipes

What are the benefits of Easy Recipes?
(April 11, 2008)

Easy Recipes for Healthy Diet 

Benefits of easy recipes are many, the main is that it is time and energy saving. These recipes work best when you are in a hurry to pack your child's meal which he carries to school or when you get a surprise guest at home. Try the olive oil pasta and garlic bread which would be great for dinner and an Italian surprise for your guest.

Olive oil pasta – Boil water and add salt and 60 gm of spaghetti to it. It would take about 8-10 minutes for the spaghetti to get done.

In the mean time you can heat extra virgin olive oil (extra virgin olive oil is squeezed from fresh lives so it is ensured that the flavor of fresh olives is retained in the oil) and add largely chopped garlic to it. Roast the garlic till its light brown in color, don't let it turn black as the olive oil would catch the burnt flavor of garlic. Add red chili flakes, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions and broccoli to it let the vegetables get cooked , then add fresh herbs like fresh parsley leaves, mint leaves and basil leaves. Now add the cooked spaghetti and serve it hot with the garlic bread.

Garlic bread – Cut the long bread diagonally to make small pieces and keep aside. Now make a fresh paste of garlic and mix it in butter. Add oregano and chili flakes to it and apply on one side of the bread. Grill it and serve as an accompaniment with the spaghetti. 

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