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Calorie chart for healthier and fitter lifestyle

Can I get the calorie chart for normal food?
(July 31, 2011)

Is calorie shifting healthy?   

The calorie shifting diet is known to be highly effective because in this diet the person is allowed to eat as much as they want till they are satiated. A calorie shifting meal plan includes the person consuming four complete meals which should include different types of foods constituting a balanced diet. The calorie shifting menu plan will also include plenty of drinking water with a minimum of at least 10 glasses of water per day. Many people are keen on knowing if calorie shifting is healthy and as such they should understand that the calorie shifting diet is based on the principle of manipulating the metabolism of one’s body and thereby result in the body going into a fat burning mode.

The calorie shifting meal plan is designed in such a way that the body tries to compensate for the loss of nutrients by trying to use up the fat reserves instead.

The calorie shifting diet is known to be effective if one follows the fundamental rule of not eating till one is overfull but instead one should eat till they are just 80 % full. .One of the types of calorie shifting meal plans is one that can be obtained by using online menu generator software and the other is one that the person designs on their own.

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How many calorie should I eat to maintain my weight?

While most people find ways to lose weight, maintenance of a healthy body weight seems to be a huge challenge for several. However, you could stay within your healthy weight range of you know what your daily required intake of calories to maintain weight is. It is a well-known fact that there is a direct connection between the consumption of calories and body weight. Yet, many people are not aware of how many calories they need to consume in a day, for managing their weight properly.

There are several ways in which you could determine how many calories you need to eat in order to maintain your body weight. Given below is a fairly easy technique that involves basic calculations:
  • Take your body weight in pounds and multiply it by 11 if you are a man and 10 if you are a woman
  • Next, multiply it by 1.2 if you lead a sedentary life, 1.3 if you engage in light exercises, 1.4 if you lead a moderately active lifestyle and 1.5 if you are very active
  • Then, add 10% to the total for the number of calories your body burns while digesting good and absorbing nutrients.  
Based on the above guidelines, if you are a woman, who weighs 140 pounds and leads a moderately active lifestyle you need to consume 2,156 calories to maintain your weight.  

There is a lot of information on calories for weight management easily available through online websites. You may also be able to find a calculator that assesses your basic information and tells you how many calories you should consume in a day. However, the daily caloric intake recommended by most such resources is very generic, taking only a person’s gender, age and perhaps, levels of activity into account. Therefore, you need to treat such information only as a guideline. It is still best for you to consult a dietician if you’d like to know exactly how many calories you need to eat in the day.
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How much calorie do i need per day?

You are probably aware of the fact that in order to maintain a healthy weight, you need to manage the number of calories you consume and burn each day. However, almost 85% of the people have no idea about what the daily recommended caloric intake for them is. Of course, the daily calorie intake for men, women and children is bound to vary and therefore, if you are trying to calculate how many calories you need to eat in the day, one of the first factors you need to take into account is your gender.

Daily calorie intake for men:

Apart from gender, a man’s age and levels of physical activity also influence his daily recommended caloric intake. On average, the daily calorie intake for men between the ages of 19 and 30 is around 2,500 calories or so. Older men or men who are less active should consume fewer calories in a day. Men leading a sedentary lifestyle and older men need to consume around 2,200 calories a day.

Daily calorie intake for women:

Like in the case of men, women too need to take a look at their body type and levels of activity during the day, to know what their daily caloric intake is. On average, women who are within their healthy weight range and engage in moderate physical activity during the day should consume around 2,000 calories a day. However, the daily calorie intake for women who are pregnant increases significantly, depending on the stage of pregnancy.

Daily calorie intake for children:

Getting the adequate number of calories is very important for children, as their bodies need to grow and develop. On average, a child should consume at least 1,800 calories in a day. However, the daily calorie intake for children should be met by the calories that come from healthy foods. Most children tend to get their calories from junk food, sweets, sodas and other unhealthy foods, which should be strictly avoided.
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Does calorie counting work for weight loss?

Losing weight is becoming a priority for a large number of people across the globe. Excessive body weight leads to a variety of health hazards that cannot be helped unless weight is lost and a certain level of fitness has been achieved. A very common question asked is “Does calorie counting work for weight loss?”

Knowing what you are eating and the amount of calories it contains can be helpful in keeping a control over your diet, but is not always the best recommended method of losing weight. The body needs a certain amount of fats as part of a well balanced diet and avoiding foods that contain fats or carbohydrates will deprive the body of vital nutrients. Calorie counting for weight loss has not been recommended by a number of dietitians, who would rather recommend a well balanced diet containing all the food groups. A calorie counter for body fat loss may be obtained from a medical store and will be of great help in serving as a daily calorie counter to lose weight. Eating healthy foods and giving your body enough rest and exercise will be the best way to get back into shape without worrying about the number of calories that you are consuming.
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If you are intending to lose some weight, it is essential to maintain a proper diet and regular exercise. To help you maintain a proper diet that adopts a calorie chart as a tool, to determine the amount of calories that you will be consuming in a particular meal. Depending upon this calorie chart you can decide the kind of foods to eat with lesser calories in order to maintain a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Foods whether healthy or unhealthy all have calories, and the quantity and serving of any kind of food does not affect its calorie content. For example, an entire bunch of lettuce has much less calories than a small piece of chocolate. Do incorporate healthy calories in your diet; make wise and deliberate choices in the type of food that you choose. When picking up protein foods, choose low-fat or skimmed milk dairy products, lean fish and meats over processed or red meat options. Concentrate on high fibrous foods such as raw green vegetables, different types of beans and legumes, fresh fruits and whole grains and even fibrous supplements in the absence of fresh produce. Fibrous foods are known to make you feel satiated without adding to the calorie content. Keep away from all kinds of fried and high saturated foods. It is advisable that you use baking; broiling or stir frying as cooking methods to enhance that flavor as well as nutritional value of the food.

Make an attempt to eat more than five or six small meals during the day; that will help you to stave off hunger while controlling your blood sugar levels and make you eat fewer calories. Opt for fruits or vegetable based snack products when choosing foods for the small meals. Fresh fruit based sorbets or fresh fruit in itself can be consumed in place of sweet treats such as cakes, ice creams, candies and other forms of high calorie yet low nutrition desert foods. Not only are these treats addictive and high in calories, they also negate the effect of a good diet and slow down weight loss. You must ensure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day as water is healthy and does not have any calories. To better understand your body and your emotions, maintaining a food journal or a calorie diary helps to keep track of the kind of foods that you eat daily. It also helps to keep a tab on what foods are good and what should not be consumed.

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