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Diabetes Diet and Exercise

Explain advantages of Diabetes Diet and Exercise?
(June 6, 2008)

Diabetes Diet and Exercise 

Diabetes is a condition wherein there is a high blood glucose levels. It is classified as Type 1 Diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, Type 2 diabetes or non insulin dependent diabetes , gestational Diabetes, Impaired glucose homeostasis. The person suffering from diabetes need to make certain lifestyle changes so that he can lead a healthy life. The goals of management are to assist an individual with diabetes with balanced diet, insulin and physical activity.

An adequate intake of carbohydrates with both soluble and insoluble fiber is recommended. Moderate intake of fat is beneficial.

Consume more of vegetable oils rather than animal fats. Diabetes diet should be planned according to the individuals liking and needs and should also consider cultural influences as well as family meal patterns. This will help the individual to stick to the diet without any drastic changes in the pattern. A diabetes diet is generally made to maintain a normal glucose level in the body and a normal lipid level. Nutrition plays an important role in preventing and treating acute complications of insulin treated diabetes like hypoglycemia and long term complications like kidney disorders, cardiovascular diseases and lipid abnormalities. Planning a diabetes diet will also help the other family members of the individual to make certain changes in their meal patterns in accordance with the person suffering from diabetes so that he is not  felt left out in terms of intake of food.

Exercise should be an integral part of the treatment. Exercise can very according to the age, sex, health and interest. It will help in maintain a normal body weight, improving the insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk for cardiovascular diseases and enhancing a sense of well being. However before starting any exercise it is very essential to consult a physician.

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