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What are the causes for premature grey hair?

(August 4, 2011)

Often faulty diets and stress are the majority cause of premature grey hair. When you have a deficiency of vitamin B, iodine, copper and iron, your hair might turn gray earlier than you expect. Often, people who go on fad or crash diets, face hair loss or premature graying. This is usually because in fad or crash diets, the fat ingested is negligible. On some rare occasions even the malfunction of the pancreas can cause premature grey hair.

To improve the quality of hair, it is important to increase the quantity of good fat in your diet. It is also important to lead a life with low stress and anxiety. Anxiety and stress can be detrimental to the health of hair. Increasing the quantity of protein and good fats can improve your hair but once your hair has turned white, even prematurely, it rarely changes back to its original color.
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Is amla good for gray hair?

Greying of a hair is a natural function of ageing. Other causes of greying of hair include usage of harsh and chemical-based hair care products and excessive blow drying. Faulty diet and hereditary factors are other causes of premature greying of hair.

One of the home remedies to reverse premature greying of hair is to use Indian gooseberry or amla. Amla provides nutrition and moisture to the scalp, promoting hair growth and luster. It also reverses the greying of hair.

You can use amla paste for grey hair by grinding the pieces of amla and then blending them with coconut oil. Apply this mixture to your scalp regularly. You can also soak dried amla pieces in water overnight, and use it to rinse your hair with after a hair wash. This will cleanse and nourish your scalp, promoting the overall health of scalp and hair. It also strengthens your hair strands, preventing hair fall. You can also boil amla pieces in coconut oil till it turns black and apply the coconut-amla oil for hair greying. You can also mix amla with other herbs like shikakai and reetha (sapindus), and apply it on scalp to prevent and treat grey hair and a variety of hair problems, thereby improving the texture of your hair.
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Can fatty foods help to get rid of gray hair?

Greying hair usually is a sign of ageing. However, there are other causes of greying as well, including erroneous dietary patterns, excessive use of artificial and chemical-based hair care products, excessive blow drying, exposure to environmental pollution, and hereditary factors.

There are various home remedies to reverse premature greying of hair. Some people believe that the intake of fatty foods is a good remedy for grey hair, particularly foods that supplement foods high in high density lipids (HDL) content. However, there is not much evidence supporting the belief. You may consume fatty foods for grey hair, along with other nutrients including proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

Some of the fatty and oily foods for grey hair are olive oil, peanuts, butter made of cow’s milk, and salmon fish. Along with the intake fatty foods, you must use natural hair care products, resort to regular oil massage, and use a mild shampoo with natural or herbal ingredients. Regular exercising enhances blood circulation, and in turn, regulates the pigment concentration of the hair. As such, the intake of fatty foods with other nutrients and the usage of other home remedies may help prevent and cure grey hair.

You may consult a dermatologist or trichologist if the diet alterations and other home remedies do not show significant result.
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What to eat for preventing premature hair whitening?

Premature graying of hair is a morbid state that is not a natural and common phenomenon. It is caused by erroneous dietary patterns and stress. It may also be attributed to usage of artificial hair products and excessive blow drying, and sometimes due to hereditary factors. In order to prevent premature hair whitening, you may follow a diet that is nutritious and supplies the essential nutrients to nourish your hair.

Some of the foods to eat for early age white hair are listed as under:

  • You should consume a lot of yogurt with some yeast mixed in it to prevent premature graying of hair.
  • You should eat foods rich in vitamin B complex, particularly para-aminobenzoic acid, inositol, and panthothenic acid. You can include liver, wheat germ, and yeast in your diet to supply these nutrients to your scalp.
  • The intake of banana also helps in preventing premature hair whitening.
  • You should also consume ribbed gourd to prevent premature gray hair.
  • Eating Indian gooseberry also helps prevent premature gray hair. You can also apply it on your scalp by drying the pieces of gooseberry in the shade, boiling it in coconut oil, and then applying the mixture on the scalp. This helps provide nourishment to the scalp.
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How to reverse premature gray hair?

Gray hair is a function of ageing and is a normal condition. However, premature graying is a morbid state that is caused by faulty or erroneous eating habits as well as stress and tension. Other than these, excessive use of artificial hair care products and intense blow drying can also cause premature gray hair.

Some of the home remedies to reverse premature gray hair are as listed as follows:

  • One of the ways to reverse premature white hair is to consume foods rich in vitamin B complex, particularly pantothenic acid, para-aminobenzoic acid, and inositol. You can also eat foods like liver, wheat germ, and yeast to supply these essential vitamins to reverse premature gray hair.
  • Eating yogurt everyday will also help reverse premature gray hair.
  • You can also use Indian gooseberry to reverse premature graying of hair. You can cut the fruit, dry the pieces in shade, and boil these pieces in coconut oil. Then, apply the mixture to your hair. Eating Indian gooseberry will also help.
  • Ribbed gourd boiled in coconut water also helps prevent and reverse premature graying of hair.
  • The application of fresh butter made from cow’s milk may also help control and reverse premature gray hair.
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Excess chlorine in water causes grey hair

Grey hair is a natural gift for a person as he/she ages.

However premature graying of hair is very common these days and can be due to a variety of reasons like heredity, repeated hair coloring or using excessive chemicals for different hair treatments. Excess chlorine in water, stress, worries, deficiency of some nutrients, scalp diseases like leukotrichia and unhygienic scalp conditions can also cause premature graying. Today premature graying is so common that you can even see a 5 year old child with grey hair.

Genetic makeup of a person often decides the age at which graying starts. Grey hair can even be an indication for improper protein synthesis. Melanin is the color pigment present under the skin of the scalp which gives the hair its color.

Some conditions can alter or slow down the production of melanin and cause premature graying of hair; these include constant tension, worries, and prolonged periods of stress, deep sorrow, shock or malnutrition. The mentioned tips below will help you to prevent further graying of hair, however if your graying is due to some medical conditions or disease of the scalp then consult a specialist for immediate help to prevent further graying.

Remedies for premature grey hair
If you have any worries, stress, shock, or sorrow; learn to deal with the situation first. Avoid stress of any kind, be it physical or emotional.
Avoid coloring your hair often or using any chemicals for curling or re-bonding your hair as this can have an adverse effect on the pigment melanin. Also other temporary options like using curlers, ironing machines or blow drying can also affect your hair.
Check if you have any nutritional deficiency. Commonly a deficiency of iodine, iron, copper and B-complex vitamins can cause premature graying of hair. Correct any nutritional deficiencies to prevent further graying of hair.
Include black sesame seeds liberally in your diet to prevent premature graying.
Drink a lot of water in the day and eat a well balanced diet which is rich in complex carbohydrates, good quality proteins and low in fat. For this, you can include whole grains, cereals and its products, fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, beans, other pulses, fish, eggs, de skinned poultry, lean cuts of meat and low fat dairy products.
To hide your current grey hair you can use a natural dye.

For this boil 2 table spoons of tea in a cup of water, strain and cool it. Apply when lukewarm and leave it for 50-60 minutes. Rinse with warm water without using any shampoo, conditioner or soap.

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