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Packing a Safe Lunch

Submitted by Sharon Hopkins on July 6, 2007

Packing food for lunch is to ensure that no one has to go hungry especially if you are going camping or for an outing. But while there is worry that no one should go hungry, enough care requires to be taken to see to it that the food remain safe and is not infested with bacteria once it has been packed.

Bacteria infested food can cause havoc with general health, bacterial growth on food can cause food poisoning as well as result in making happy times really trying times. Diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, etc can be caused by packed lunches that have become contaminated due to poor storing conditions.

Here are some suggestions regarding care that should be taken at the time of taking packed food for the day:-

It is utmost necessary that the food is properly washed and cleaned before including it in your lunch box. Items like meat, eggs, fruits, cheese, butter and other dairy products should not be taken unless you have separate freezer compartment in your vehicle, where these things can be stored in cool conditions.

Care should be taken that items that require cooled storing are taken directly from refrigerator and put into the cooler in your vehicle. These items should not be removed and kept outside in normal conditions or these will start growing bacteria.

Using a freezing gel or a small freezer compartment for packing lunch would be highly useful where you require packing and taking small lunch packets.

Fruits, salads and any such item which you are going to cut or eat on spot should be washed thoroughly prior to use. These should be packed preferably under running tap water before eating.

It would be advisable to chuck out all those unused perishable foods that have been left over after lunch got over, this way there would not be any danger of eating leftovers what have been contaminated by the bacteria.

Packed food can remain good if ensure that the food is clean at the time of preparation. If food is contaminated at the time of preparation absolutely nothing would stop it from getting contaminated later on. Before preparing packed lunch cutting and preparation surfaces should be washed clean with soap and water.

Packed lunch is the best way of getting food at the time you want to eat it. Convenience and hygiene provided by packed food is a lot better than food that requires to be purchased from outside. A little bit of care can ensure that packed lunches are heavenly.

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