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Exercise and Meditation

Submitted by Sharon Hopkins on October 25, 2010

Exercise and Meditation

Given that we lead very stressful and fast paced lives, we generally do not have any time to allow our minds and bodies a moments rest and relaxation. However, in these very demanding times, it actually helps to allow your body this free time as stress and anxiety are known to contribute substantially to the development of a number of physical as well as mental and emotional breakdowns. People that practice regular meditation are known to live much happier lives as they are able to clear their mind on a regular basis of any of the stress and disturbances that tend to linger on a little longer than they should. Moreover, regular meditation is also known to help build self confidence as well as self esteem – both very important factors in an individual’s overall well being.

Meditation exercises would require a conscious effort to keep the mind calm and quiet and away from the troubles of our every day lives.

While beginners who try meditation exercise may find the task quite frustrating, people that have kept faith and continue to practice have found an inner peace as well as a oneness with a spirituality that they base their lives and beliefs around. Some of the positive aspects of the universe that most tend to brood over while performing their meditation exercise include love, peace, forgiveness, solace and comfort. Most meditation exercise are greatly and significantly enhanced by the objects that surround you at the time.

For some zen exercises, the zen masters will recommend that you be surrounded by a single or many scented candles or incense in order to help stimulate the mind to think good thoughts. The stillness of your surroundings while performing meditation exercise is also a very important aspect as the calmness of the air is believed to calm your soul. Any distractions close by are always likely to interfere with your meditation.

If you are a beginner, you would need to be guided during meditation exercises so as to do it in the right way and experience its effects.

One aspect that people should keep in mind is that meditation exercises do no necessarily have to long and drawn out to the extent that they interfere with your daily schedule. As little as 15 minutes is likely to have a substantial impact on the way in which you live your life. Avoid seeing certain aspects of meditation exercise as complications that prevent you from meditating.

For instance, you do not need to worry about the lotus position if you cannot attain it; simply sitting in a comfortable chair is enough to help you meditate properly.

Healthy Life Meditation

For a human being, irrespective of profession or daily activity it has particular movement to his body. The particular movement of the body causes limitations to flexibility and endurance. Exercise reduces stiffness of body muscles. Exercise increases flexibility, endurance by increasing resistance power and good circulation of blood and increase Energy and strength.

Due to exercise you remain fit for the daily routine work and makes your body withstand the strain during your working time. The exercise goes hand in hand with diet suitable to body, disease and profession.

The exercises can be classified mainly as;

  1. Person with good health.
  2. Different persons with good health but of different profession.
  3. Sport persons as per the sport they are involved in.
  4. Persons suffering from different type of diseases.
For the persons with good health, irrespective of profession Dancing, Stretching, Cycling, Mowing and exercise like jumping are suitable. For the persons who are always on the run with heavy baggage added exercises like weight stretching weight training are necessary. Sport persons along with ground exercises require gymnasium exercises.
These exercises are required because they have to withstand longer endurance and higher flexibility than a normal person.

Exercises are the biggest boon and need for the diabetic patient. A brisk walking or jogging long distance, as per the health permits. It is really helpful. These exercises burn sufficient amount of extra calories and lower the blood sugar. For a heart patient rhythmic brisk walking regularizes his heart beats and improves the function.

If an asthmatic patient does breathing exercises, it improves lung functions and controls asthma attacks. Meditation brings all body functions under control. It brings inner peace to your mind and body. Meditation is process which requires a place with clean air, peaceful environment, a plain clean place on the ground to seat with your legs folded and the arms resting on the knees. Light calm music provides coolness to the mind. The meditation is linked to the Yoga. Yoga has 12 basic different types, as per system of meditation. Biggest advantages of doing are reduction in stress of mind, increases
memory power, makes your mind to think on the positive side and also brings under control imbalanced mind.

Therefore, balancing both yoga and meditation will help you stay healthy and fit, ready to take stresses of daily life as well as job related stress which might be different in each person.
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