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Kids Diet And Grooming

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on December 22, 2009

Training children to carry out simple daily activities can be an arduous task, but when it comes to training them to eat the right type of food, it often seems downright impossible. This is because children generally prefer foods that have strong tastes and nine times out of ten this would mean sweet food and junk food. A high carbohydrate diet has immediate ramifications in terms of hyperactivity but a high carbohydrate and high fat diet causes the worst thing that could happen to a child – obesity. Obesity can lead to a lot of problems for children later on in life like putting them at greater risk of diabetes and heart disease. This problem is compounded by the fact that the human race is becoming more and more sedentary with the passage of time.

The trick to feeding children correctly lies in making it palatable to them. Most nutritious food tends to be a little bland to taste and this is the major problem that, actually, anyone planning to go on a nutritious diet has to face. The first step is to ensure that you feed a child only three times a day with the occasional tea-time snack.

This makes sure that they are never hungry and that their systems start to get used to meal times.

Children are more active than adults and therefore do need a higher carbohydrate content than adults. It is important to ensure that instead of tanking your children up on sugars, you instead try substitutes like bread, rice, cereals, and the like.

These provide crucial amounts of fiber along with energy. Fat consumption is something that you have to monitor carefully. Fat and oil is essential for humans but these should not be acquired from animal sources.

This is a general rule for the whole family – switch to vegetable oils and natural substitutes like olive and sunflower oil for cooking.

Vegetables are something that your children just have to get used to. Make these palatable for your children by looking at various cuisines from all over the world. Asian cuisine has a lot of options for adding taste to the bland vegetable flavors and some of the additions and spices used and good for the health as well. This will also expose your child to some variety in cuisines that will always be useful for your child when he/she grows up. Snacking between meals is something that should be avoided but can be allowed if they are snacking on health foods.
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