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Keep Kitchen Clean for Making Healthy Meals

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on December 17, 2009

Cleanliness Pays - Keep Kitchen Clean For Making Healthy Foods

The consumption of healthy meals is always beneficial to the maintenance of good health. Contaminated food is liable to cause numerous disorders of the digestive system, and therefore it is imperative that the place where meals are prepared be kept clean and hygienic at all times. Cleaning out your kitchen not only refers to keeping it free from dirt and other contaminants, but also refers to the proper storage of foods that are nutritious in value and good for your health.

Keeping kitchen surfaces free from dirt and grime is very important as dirty surfaces are a haven for germs that are responsible for numerous health hazards. Kitchen shelves should be dusted regularly to keep your kitchen free from dust mites.

Cutting platforms should be cleared of all the unwanted pieces of fruits, vegetables or meats so that they do not attract cockroaches and other insects. The best known insect repellent is citronella oil and wiping down your kitchen platform (when not in use) with a mixture of citronella oil and warm water ensures that it is kept free from various types of insects. Besides, the fragrance leaves your kitchen smelling fresh and inviting.

Kitchen surfaces can also be wiped down with lemon juice to keep away pests.

The surfaces should be wiped thoroughly so as to ensure that no water is left stagnant as stagnant water encourages the growth of germs. Besides this, it is imperative that all your utensils are washed regularly after use so that they are ready for future use. The use of hot water and a good detergent is recommended so as to keep your vessels clean and germ free.

After washing your vessels, a final scrub with lemon juice will ensure that your utensils are sparkling and free of stickiness and germs. Further, storing vessels in a clean place will also prove beneficial. The kitchen sink should be cleaned daily, with the help of a drain cleaner and hot water so that all the grime is removed from every nook and corner of the sink.

The gas stove should also be cleaned thoroughly as often as possible.
Besides, the proper storage of food also plays an important role in ensuring healthy meals. Grains, pulses, spices, salt and sugar should be stored in airtight containers. Vegetables, fruits and other food products should be refrigerated so as to prevent them from going bad. Leftover food should also be refrigerated in airtight containers or should be covered with foil or clear wrap so as to prevent contamination and spoilage. 

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