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Luxury Foods And Drinks

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on December 15, 2009

If we classify the major food groups, we get fat, protein, carbohydrate, water, and vitamins. Any diet that is too rich in just one of these food groups is bad for you and therefore the sermons from dieticians that you need a “balanced” diet. Luxury foods are nowadays considered those foods that are extremely rich in fat and carbohydrates but the fact is that after a certain age, even protein and meat-based diets are extremely dangerous for you.

Cholesterol filled foods and oils that contain LDL are also quite dangerous and are the leading cause of deaths from heart attacks. With all of these, one would think that vitamins are safe but consuming large amounts of vitamins (mostly in the form of supplements and pills) are the leading cause of hypervitaminosis.

Since the list of offending foods is practically endless, it makes more sense to just focus on the right foods to consume and also on the right quantities to consume.

The first thing to understand is the way eating has evolved for humans over the millennia. Human digestive systems are still in an evolutionary middle zone between being carnivorous and herbivorous and therefore constipation is a common problem for people on a purely meat diet.

In fact, the ideal diet for a human being can be completely vegetarian as well as long as there is an adequate intake of protein through dairy or other protein-rich foods.

Plant-based diets work for human beings very well because they contain just the right amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. If protein is found to be lacking, then the best thing to add to a diet would be seafood. This is excellent because of the presence of omega fatty acids in seafood.

At some point, it is quite inevitable that your carbohydrate and fat intakes may spike. This is because we are genetically programmed to gorge on this because in the days of our ancestors, food wasn’t as plentiful and fat was actually a reserve fuel source for the body.

This is the reason why we end up unconsciously gorging on it.

When this does happen and you start to pack on the pounds, there is really no better alternative than to start exercising and burning off the extra calories. Cooking mediums are also very important. Never use animal fat as a cooking medium. The best alternative is to use plant oils like olive oil which are healthy and stable even at higher temperatures.
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