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Home Remedies For Swine Flu

Submitted by Srivastava N K on December 14, 2009

One of the most talked about pandemics in recent times is the widespread infections of swine flu across the globe. Newspapers all across the globe carry images of people wearing face masks in order to prevent transmission of swine flu. However not much is known about the actual protection of the safe masks or respirators in preventing the spread of this latest disease.

However followers and proponents of alternative therapies are of the opinion that building an effective immune system can help in resisting the transmission of swine flu. However, having said that, it is extremely crucial to visit a doctor as soon as possible, if you start to observe swine flu symptoms in yourself or in your loved ones.

Here are some home remedies that one can adopt to prevent viral transmissions especially of swine flu:

It is believed that holy Basil contains a vast number of therapeutic properties in preventing bacterial and viral transmissions.

It is also an integral component used in natural remedies to strengthen one's immunity and keeping the respiratory organs clear and free from infections. A daily consumption of washed holy Basil leaves, prior to breakfast in the mornings, can help in building an individual's immunity system.

An important herb known as Tinospora cordifolia or popularly known as the heartleaf moonseed is indigenous to tropical areas and is believed to be extremely important in protecting the body, especially the liver, from harm. It is particularly useful in combating against toxins and is used in alternative medicine as a hepatoprotectant.

A combination of holy Basil and Tinospora cordifolia can prove to be lethal against infections of any kind, including swine flu.

The daily consumption of garlic has many nutritional as well as protective qualities and chief among them is its ability in strengthening the immunity system. Consuming two pods of raw garlic along with a pinch of turmeric powder, daily would help to protect the immune system.

Some alternative health experts also believe that aloe vera is extremely useful in relieving a number of ailments and particularly in boosting immunity. The fresh odorless gel from the aloe vera cactus can be consumed safely along with a glass of water.

Indulging in daily activity or exercise is also believed to be useful in building the body's resistance against various diseases. A daily morning walk or brisk jog can help in keeping the respiratory organs in good condition.

Consuming plenty of fruits that are rich in vitamin C can also help in boosting the body’s defense mechanisms. Of special mention is the Indian gooseberry, which is believed to contain the highest concentrations of vitamin C, amidst any other citrus fruits.

Drinking the juice of the Indian gooseberry is also believed to be highly beneficial in maintaining good health.

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