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Soy Allergy


If you have a soy allergy you should read the labels and only buy soy free foods. Soy happens to be among one of the top 8 allergy causing foods. Soy is added to several foods and it is essential to read the contents of foods carefully before buying them. The small print should also be scrutinized as sometimes this may not be among the main ingredients and you could miss out on it and land up in trouble.

Soy Allergy Symptoms

Soy allergy symptoms range from mild symptoms to severe ones. Those who have mild symptoms can have itching, canker sores and hives, while those with more severe symptoms have wheezing, vomiting, diarrhea and pain in the abdomen.

Those who have an extreme allergy loose consciousness, feel dizzy, have a drop in blood pressure and anaphylaxis and could even die of it. The extent of severity could also be according to the kind of soy one has consumed and the amount. Soy allergy symptoms in adults could also be reactions to cosmetics as some of them contain soy as an ingredient. The symptoms are the same as those mentioned earlier. 


Infant Soy Allergy

Infant soy allergy can be temporary and the baby may outgrow it, however for infant soy allergy breast feeding is a better solution than risking the allergic reactions. If there are others in the family who are allergic to soy it is better to check out whether your baby has the allergy too. Though most often the allergy could be mild it is best to avoid giving the baby formula or any other foods with soy in it. It is best to be aware of any allergic condition so that you know what to do in an emergency.

Soy Allergy Foods To Avoid

If anyone in the family has soy allergy it is best to avoid all foods which have this ingredient in them. Tofu is a popular food and many people love eating it so watch out if there is someone in the group who is allergic to soy and do not give them this food. It is best to make a list of foods which have tofu so that they can be avoided. For a soy allergy diet it is best to eliminate certain foods which contain soy and have a higher allergic reaction like soy sauce, soy flour, miso, soy cheese, soy milk, tofu, tempeh and soy beans. Even foods containing monosodium glutamate and mono-diglycerides and lecithin should be avoided. 

Soy Allergy Rash, Acne


Soy allergy rash is like any other allergic rash which shows up in the form of hives which are itchy. Sometimes there is a swelling on the lips, face and also of the throat and tongue. The skin rash can be treated with antihistamines but for more severe symptoms like difficulty in breathing or blacking out the person should be rushed to the emergency care. Swelling of the throat could cut of breathing completely and cause serious problems. The protein content in soy beans is what is supposed to cause the soy allergy acne and other forms of food allergy. The allergy does not appear when soy is consumed for the first time but this does produce anti bodies in the system which come alive when soy is consumed subsequently and is responsible for the outbreak of acne and other skin eruptions.

Submitted on January 16, 2014