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Furnace Filter Types and Uses of Furnace Filters

Most of us do not realize that air pollution can take place indoors and not just outdoors. People who experience allergy problems and asthma are usually triggered due to the effects of dust mites circulating within the house, pollen from house plants, chemicals from household chemicals and fragrances etc. In order to prevent allergies and subsequent symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, furnace filters are known to alleviate the symptoms and ease respiratory allergies. Most people who experience allergy and asthma have a solution in allergy furnace filters which are not only a comparatively affordable way to clean the indoor atmosphere but also highly effective in conquering heavier particulates from the air such as dry earth or pollen and pet dander.

What is a furnace filter?

It is an air filter used for improving the quality of air that is heated by furnace heat exchangers.

Why should the heated air be filtered?

  1. The air coming out of the furnace frequently contains particles that have not burned completely suspended in it, these particles might aggravate allergies and on the long run might be a risk for other more serious problems.
  2. The heated air contains pollen, mold spores and other particles that might be allergenic.
  3. These suspended substances eventually clog the pores or openings of the heat exchanger in the furnace, that is why a filter is needed and that filter should be changed periodically.When the openings of the heat exchanger are blocked, the furnace will spend more energy to produce the desired heating.

Working of furnace filters

Like other air filters, there are many types of furnace filters with different mechanisms for purifying the air, however the general idea is to provide a barrier that will only let air through while blocking the particles suspended in the air. The furnace filters are usually made of heat durable material.

Types of Furnace Filters

Furnace filters are available in the shape of ruffled panels that are introduced into the filter orifice of a home's furnace or an air conditioner. Such filters are ideal for asthma or allergy sufferers; as such filters do not make the use of injurious ionizers or ozone to get rid of the pollutants.

A variety of furnace filters in the market that aid in allergy prevention can also be rinsed or utilized, after washing. Some furnace filters on the other hand can be disposed of in a convenient manner and can be thrown out when dirty. Furnace filters for allergy prevention comprises of a frame and a filtrating system. The frame of the furnace filter helps the filter to hold up against the pressure built up by the heating up and the cooling of the air conditioner. When selecting a highly-efficient allergy furnace filter, choose a furnace filter that is made of specific, synthetic filtration processes as such media offers a blend of electric and mechanical filtration procedures to guarantee continuous performance. The filtration layer of this furnace filter aids in capturing dust and pollen thus preventing the growing of bacteria or mold.

When choosing a furnace filter opt for such filters that are efficacious in get ridding of harmful dust, dander, pollen and other allergy triggers. For optimum results, the furnace filter can be used along with an air purifier to eliminate the possibility of airborne allergies. As the indoor pollutants and allergens such as dirt and dust, mold spores, pet dander, flower pollen are trapped by the electrostatic characteristics of the furnace filters, most respiratory ailments such as airborne allergies and asthma can be significantly brought down.

Submitted on January 16, 2014